Basement IdeasThis basement space shows it doesn’t take a lot of square feet to create a wine cellar of stellar proportions. If you are a handy person and can do some remodeling of your home or basement then as you know you will save an enormous amount of money as I did. The only thing you will need is your building materials and a good imagination of just how you like your finished basement to look. These are most of the things I thought about when I decided to finish my basement for more living space. I chose to run a wall from one side of the basement to the other with an entrance door.

After your basement is cleaned out and you can see the floor you are ready to start laying out your partition walls if you choose to have walls or just a plan open area. You will need a Pneumatic Gun that is designed to shoot nails into your basement concrete floo r to put down your bottom plate of your new wall. You can either build your new wall on the floor if you have enough room and if not, you will have to get your bottom plate down and top plate positioned and nailed in your ceiling joist. You can then apply and then applying the paint basement waterproofing concrete on surfaces.Basement Ideas

If you are looking for more ideas on woodworking plans visit Teds Woodworking Package with over 1600 woodworking plans for just about every project. I choose to paint the cinder block in my basement to cut down on the material cost that would occur with all the studs, sheet rock, and the extra work of Spackle and taping the joints and many screw heads. This looked fine with the painted ceiling rafters and the room now has that loft look just as I wanted. I choose to leave my ceiling rafter exposed and painted the entire ceiling in Flat Black paint.

One thing that is important, if you think or know you might have a basement that sometimes get damp or possibly wet, then I would strongly suggest just painting your floors or maybe some inexpensive tile. I was fortunate that were we live there was never any signs of water problems in our neighborhood and with that most of the homes here all have carpeted basements, so just keep the water and dampness in mind when deciding on you finished basement floor.

If you have decided you would like to have a basement bathroom then here is what I purchased and this toilet is remarkable for a basement bathroom. You can also add a sink and a shower in your new basement bath that would drain into the Saniflo unit and discharge your waste water. Some may prefer to sheet rock the whole ceiling or you can use the drop ceiling which is quite simple to install. I painted all heating ducts, wires, all plumbing and every inch of wood giving the ceiling an illusion of being higher than it really is. This is a awesome look when all completed and you dim those lights with that black ceiling above.

Basement Ideas

Easy Tips To Help Create The Perfect Basement Bedroom
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