Bamboo FlooringWhen I built a new office addition to my shakuhachi workshop, the obvious choice for a finished floor was bamboo. Square footage ranges from 182 to 750 sq ft, and prices, depending on layout, from $49,500 to $206,000 plus delivery, a price which includes installation (within Michigan; out of state can incur additional installation and permitting costs) and high-end, environmentally-friendly kitchen and bathroom fixtures. As its former name implies, installation (for the smaller models, at least) can be accomplished in a single day, but there is still some lead time involved for fabrication of the home, particularly if there are any customization options. Cabin Fever’s Maxwell 16-20 is a 320 sq ft single-room unit that can be outfitted with a bath and full kitchen.

Speaking of options: while the decks, kitchens, and bathrooms are standard (depending on layout choice), optional fireplaces, wood stoves, outdoor showers, stackable washer/dryer combinations, and additional kitchen features like a garbage disposal and dishwasher, are available. This cabin starts at $43,450 with kitchen and bath, or about $93/sqft for the Shell+Plus Cabin.

Fixtures and appliances are from Ikea, but they can be upgraded, as can insulation (R-22 roof and R-17 walls are standard), the standard maple interior paneling and kitchen surfaces, bamboo flooring, and Duro-Last PVC membrane roof. The visual nostalgia is still pretty affordable: an average of $150/sqft, for a range of designs starting with a small 196 sqft $34,000 with basic bathroom and kitchenette, to the 1240 sqft $198,400 Breezeway full size home with two bedrooms and one and a half bath. Balolo distributes four types of wood including walnut wood, bamboo , zebrawood and cherry tree wood.

Bamboo is one of my favorite materials as it is the fastest growing plant on Earth and thus an eco-friendly resource. A bamboo forest is renewed completely within five years and cutting the bamboo even incites its growth. Second, I am a big fan of anything made from bamboo, from socks to furniture to kitchen supplies. The fact that there is something as innovative as protective bamboo covers for communications technology was great news to me.Bamboo Flooring

In case I should ever decide to buy another balolo product, however, it will definitely be a bamboo cover with my dachshunds engraved on it. Another advantage to choosing floating wood flooring is that you can float it over anything. Also, there are some tools you will definitely need to either rent or buy before you install flooring. This line will be used to quickly align the door, resulting in a quick installation process. If the floor is unfinished, put on blocks the thickness of the finish floor so the bottom of the door will clear the flooring This will also allow the finished floor can simply be slipped under the door frame minimizing excess flooring cuts.

Bamboo Flooring

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