Glass DoorAs part of recent renovation of our shower room I ripped-out and replaced the old wash basin, under sink cupboard and the cheap plastic bathroom cabinet above the sink. Then I gave the vent a good coat of brown Hammerite metal paint before re-glazing it with a spare bit of previously salvaged plate glass and fitting it into the side of the shed extension. Of course if you recycle old glass there may be occasions when you may wish to be ambitious and engrave a bit of Art D├ęcor on some of your projects. If you’ve never done this before rather than pay out for expensive tools that you may never use again one option is to buy a Dremel and an engraving kit, and experiment on a few pieces of scrap glass. It will be very easy to damage sheetrock on the interior; try to pry from the door side.

Use a glass cutter and straight edge just simply score the glass once, in one clean but quite firm swoop; just like cutting tiles. You’ll know when you’ve got it right because you’ll hear and feel the glass being scored and you’ll be able to see the scored line. If you make the mistake of going over the line a second time with the glass cutter then the glass is less likely to break where intended. Therefore I decided to make this a DIY project and make my own bespoke bathroom cabinet.

Once the glass is scored place a piece of wood under the glass just in front of the scored line and give the far end of the glass a light but firm push with your hand, at which point the glass should snap cleanly along the scored line. If you’re resizing an old mirror after cutting it to size you’ll need to frame it primarily because where the glass is newly cut although clean and straight will be slightly jagged and visually noticeable if not hidden by a frame. Among the top jobs, data scientist came in at No. 1, offering a work-life balance rating of 4.2 and salary of $114,808.

Ordinary glass isn’t suitable for these purposes as its too brittle and fragile; for these projects I use plate glass with is very durable and safe. It should be supported with little rubber feet; which are readily available in most DIY stores and have a sticky back surface to stick in each corner on the underside of the glass. Like for like; the glass in the door of this built in kitchen larder originated from the glass door my grandmother’s 1950s free standing larder; as does the fixed enamel bread board shown in the image below. The installation requires special incisions into the edge of the door and frame.Glass Door

When my grandmother’s 1950s free standing larder became mine we had nowhere to put it so I dismantled it for the wood keeping the glass and enamel bread board in the event that I could find a future use for them. You have some very good uses for recycling glass, I do stained glass work and it is difficult to find some types of glass to make repairs on antique stained glass.

Glass Door

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