Wood FloorSince we opened our doors, our business has been simple: buy huge amounts of the best products and sell them at great prices. This is the type of product that is obviously relatively easy to make your own do it yourself version of. Perhaps not a fold up version, but it’s easy enough to find a piece of wood or panel of some kind to place underneath to create some extra support. There are several different colors to choose from, so they can be used to compliment your flooring or chairs. I personally think they’re really cute, and prefer the idea of a proper silencer that will completely prevent that maddening noise of chairs scraping on kitchen floors. The floor grippers shown here have been designed to stop recliners from sliding around on hardwood floors.

The product’s white ‘-ring’ on the base of the cup provides the grip and floor protection. Unlike laminate and tiles, wooden floors are obviously made from organic materials, which are far more easily affected by their environment. With proper care and preservation, your floors can significantly improve your homes appearance and continue to be considered to be an investment. Greater control and lifting ease will not only minimize floor and wall damage, but will also minimize the potential for injuries, which are common when moving large items.

If you haven’t guessed from looking at the picture, the flooring that we used is simply the OSB sub-floor. If you can find OSB flooring without any paint lines on it, that of course would be ideal. We could not and our floor started out with the green paint lines used to assist in nailing. For starters, whether you need to get rid of paint lines or not, you will want to sand the floor with a belt sander. Even with the multiple layers of OSB, it is amazing how smooth you can get the wood after sanding. We simply applied three very heavy coats of polyurethane specially formulated for floors. It would probably take a couple of days of drying time for the floor not to be tacky.Wood Floor

We have been walking and moving furniture on our floor for almost a year now and we don’t have any scratches :). The Varathane is definitely the way to go. I am so happy with it. Just remember to use heavy coats and be patient with drying time. This is the most important part of this blog post, although others might start by recommending a rock hard type of wood, this is not as important as the quality of the finish, as in most cases it is the finish that scratches not the wood itself. We are researching pet friendly flooring and have 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 5 rabbits.

I would also recommend that you pick a low lustre finish like the Cashmere option from Mirage , Oil FX from Seasons Flooring or EverShine that Appalachian Flooring offers. All of these options are low lustre finishes that are designed to look like an oiled finished floor without the maintenance and other disadvantages of oil and is the most practical wood finish for families with children and pets. My first stop was lumber liquidators in which the salesperson kind of eased my concerns in terms of scratched or dented hardwood floors.

Wood Floor

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