Wood PlanksWide plank hardwood flooring is commonly described as being a hardwood floor board with a width of five inches or more. To attach the wood together we used our old faithful method of applying Liquid Nails (weatherproof) down the side of each board, place them all together & secure with some scrap pieces that are also glued & screwed. He took some thick metal braces & screwed them into the scrap wood The piece overlapping the metal than acted as a vice and clamped the top to the metal base. I did pay close attention to any knots in the wood & tried to work around them, as if that is how it would have naturally formed. The idea is to take the planks from the keel to the stern of the ship in one long piece.

A dremel tools is just the right tool to cut off the planks at the front of the keel and at the stern. As you can see in these pic’s it takes a lot of clamps to keep the planks tight against the frames. At the back of the stern the planks can hang over, or if they are shorter you can use shorter ones to fill in. The planks that hang over will be cut off using the dremel tool. The gaps will be filled in with wood putty, and use sandpaper to make the planks smooth with each other.

They have wood projects of the ship, but you have to do a lot of detail to get it right. However, I just might stick to the plastic model of the US Constitution because the wood model requires more detail. Wood model ship kits are challenging to build, and learning the terms of the instructions are to be expected. The left side looked ruff like the right side, but sand paper and wood putty makes it look really good. As you know, sanding anything creates dust, sanding a wood floor is no different.Wood Planks

The thing we need to remember, the wood is only about one quarter of an inch thick to start with. Real hardwood toung and groove flooring planks start their life at three quarters of an inch thick. That obviously means we have more wood to work with in the beginning, with each refinishing we will remove about one eighth of and inch off the floor when we sand the floor. Wood stains we use to color or tint the wood, soaks into the wood fibers about one eight of an inch below the surface of the wood we see and walk on.

Before we can effectively change the color or tint of the floor, we simply must sand the floor in order to remove all the old stained wood and other finishing material such as varnish, wax and polyurethane from the floor. Fine 80, grit sandpaper works well on hardwood floors as the final finish sanding, prior to the final clean up. Before we stain or apply, several coats of polyurethane that will make our old worn hardwood floor once again look beautiful and shiny just like a brand new wood floor.

Wood Planks

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