Basement IdeasThis page was written by a roofing contractor with 16 years experience replacing roofline bargeboards and fascias. Think not only about the square footage that making your basement functional would add to your family’s space, but think too about all of the great ways you could put that space to use. Devote an entire section or room in your basement to hold the treasures of your family in an organized way. Besides providing space for organization and storage, your basement can be a great place to give each member of your family a little nook of their own.

If so, make a space in your basement to display all the things you’re proud of. Or, better yet, let the things you’ve collected adorn the walls of a room and then fill it with exercise equipment to get you in shape as well. If your dining room table has been taking over by your wife’s latest sewing or scrapbooking project, give her the craft room of her dreams in your basement. You’ll never know all the ways that making your basement a livable space will make your life better.Basement Ideas

They will be excited to participate in finishing the basement because they know how fun a new space will be. To fill the frames, add your own creative black & white photos, your kids’ artwork, or pictures from greeting cards and calendars. Some of your ideas lend so much of flexibility that we can move the divider across different places. Yes, we once lived in my mom’s basement so we divided the rooms in several ways.

If you can take the party outdoors, or if you have a very large room (like a library’s meeting room, or a church basement), you can do this variation of a clothing relay races. The dormer extension is a larger project requiring the roof joints to be removed and then reinformed to support the ceiling and vertical walls. Check out what others have done and combine any ideas that you like with your own. Anyway, it looks pretty cool and you can see more pictures in the Cool Interiors section below.

I want to stop the roof along 1 side, leaving the exposed steel girders as support to creat a porch and a well shaded wall of windows underneath. It is 45 X 80 X 17. We originally planned to build a house at a later date, but have recently decided to just tear out what we have done and re-do it and are looking for design ideas. I am fortunate to have pics of my dad and relatives putting up the hut and how it looked sitting on top of our big hilltop complete with basement.

Basement Ideas

Design My Basement
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