Basement IdeasOkay, so this is kind of a silly post that I actually don’t believe will generate anything, but I thought it might be fun anyway. Installing a personal gym in your basement is a great way to keep in shape from the privacy of your own home. With a basement gym, you can exercise completely on your own schedule without the need to fight for parking or waiting to use equipment. A remodeled basement can make a great area for a comfortable private in-law apartment or guest area for the home.

Naturally separated from the rest of the house, a basement in-law suite allows for a layout that can allow the guests or live-in family members to relax as if in their own home. The area can easily be designed with its own basement bathroom, bedrooms and a living area where they can relax and feel at home. Installing a personal gym in your basement is a great way to keep in shape from the privacy of your own home.

Creating a children’s play room with Total Basement Finishing’s line of warm, durable materials is an ideal choice! For toddlers and infants, our finished basement flooring is ten degrees warmer than the cold concrete underneath, meaning that they will have a nice warm surface for their hands and knees. For artwork on the cheap, digital pics of daughter Mia were framed and placed throughout the basement.

Basement areas are generally not comfortable for a longer stay because they have no natural light, and often they occur and moisture problems in older buildings. You might be inspired of this wonderful proposed ideas, especially if you are preparing for a new house or for re-decorating your unused basement. Choose from hundreds of images at Surface View ; they’ll help you scale the design to make it work for your wall.Basement Ideas

It is important to first seal your basement from moisture infiltration and water before any kind of remodeling work can begin. Carpeting is popular for basement flooring, accounting for 28% of basement flooring in the United States. This is why it is extremely important to get all such issues out of the way before installing carpet in the basement. Vinyl is always a safe bet for basement flooring as it is moisture-proof, durable and virtually maintenance free.

Basement Ideas

Creative Basement Ceiling Ideas
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