Although the saying is “a happy wife equals a happy life”, let’s not forget about doing something special for the men in your life. Sometimes your living space doesn’t always allow for a dedicated man cave, but that doesn’t have to kill the dream. It is possible to rework existing space to be more masculine but functional. Redoing the garage is always an option, and replacing your existing surface with something like this garage flooring in Chicago may be just the trick to keeping your man happy. That’s not the only thing you can do. Here are some other ways to create a space that brings masculine appreciation.

Choose a Great Color

Rooms that work to embrace masculinity include earthy neutrals. You don’t want a common room to be too dark, so try working with grays, browns and soft black shades like charcoal. If you are worried the room may be too drab, you can use bright pops of color in your accent materials or furnishings.

Choose a Great Texture

Adding textured elements into the room also highlights a more masculine feel. One way to achieve this is through your flooring pattern and choice of material. Whether through a thick dramatic carpet or dark colored wood flooring, covering even the most unassuming place with texture can create the perfect look. Work with adding materials like flannel, tweed, suede or leather to furnishings or accents to create more depth.

Choose a Simple Style

The idea of using lace and frills to decorate a man cave just doesn’t feel right. Simplicity in design and working with clean lines and basic geometric styles is a classic masculine feel. Choose elements that present the same feel and style to keep the flow of the room.

Not every man will get his ultimate man cave, but you can do some interior design to offer a more masculine space that you both enjoy. Many elements can transcend gender preferences and create a mutually beautiful space.

Creating a Man Cave Without Space