Wood FloorIn a heated discussion over the advantages of wood flooring over concrete floors there are a lot of opinions bandied about. These materials, along with the wood flooring, should be stickered in stacks no higher than two feet off the radiant floor with the heat on. Stacks should be arranged to accommodate a good air flow under, between and within the bundles of material. When the MC of the subflooring and the flooring to be installed is within 2% MC of each other, it’s time to install. Our company manufactures a variety of wood fillers, several of which are quite elastomeric.

Sealing the backs and ends of the wood slats or planks as you propose can substantially reduce the ingress and egress of moisture within individual planks. For any questionable installation, I strongly recommend that a moisture resistant (but not moisture impervious) product be applied to backs (or bottoms) as well as to the ends if flooring is not to be glued to the substrate.

Our company began sealing the bottoms and ends of wood flooring boards years ago when we were required to install hardwood in homes or structures left unheated for months on end, or when we were required to install flooring on houseboats, cantilevered structures or buildings built on pier poles. If boards expand and rupture the impervious seal, the impervious bond begins to work against rather than for protection of the wood. At the very least, these seams can cause the flooring boards directly above them to move differently than those throughout the remainder of the structure.

They are made to take a stain and finish like raw wood and hopefully disappear” or at least blend well with the piece or pieces they’re filling. These products not only work well in standard wood flooring situations but also in highly resilient wood floors (e.g. sports floors) where standard wood floor fillers will simply pop out during active use. There are occasions where we will mix wood, metal, stone and glass materials together to form a highly stylized or artistic floor.

It facilitates the pass through of rainwater preventing (or at least reducing) freeze/thaw dilapidation and lends itself so readily to repair. There are also many indoor wooden floors, as well as floors constructed of both wood and stone that rely on dry setting compounds which have endured exceptionally well for centuries. The most popular program I’ve written for the hardwood flooring industry is the Width Program”.Wood Floor

Wood Floor

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