Glass DoorFrom vinegar to toothpicks, everyone has their own sure fire method for cleaning cabinet hardware. Some people they figure a closer (commercial)is a basic no-brainer, there’s much more to the proper installation/adjustment/repair of a closer besides drilling holes in door and frame and fastening the unit to the frame/door and connecting the arm and turning the adjustments on ends/front to adjust the speed or spring, some even been known to remove the valve screws to find out the hard way their closer is hydraulic, instead of pneumatic.

A person automatically presumes its pneumatic because of the screen door closers found on many American homes, (hisses as it closes, has one screw, and is tube shaped with a rod on one end and screw on other) they hear the hydraulic type hissing, they think its pneumatic as well and find out when its too late after removing a valve or removing the end plug/end cap to find it has oil inside.

If you buy a good door closer like an LCN, Sargent, Corbin or Norton and follow the directions, there is no reason any person skilled with tools cannot install it. The advantage to hiring a locksmith is that if there are other problems – with the hinges or lock for example – that might be making it difficult for the door closer to properly shut the door, a locksmith is more likely to recognize and be able to remedy these problems because that is what they do.

As technology advances, there will always be a door and the need for a device to keep it shut, and as closer tech comes and goes, people will still have questions or concerns about the closer they are faced with, hence why all the questions, most of the questions I receive are about those old potbelly traditional type and sometimes an occasional LCN or Norton or some other modern day unit.Glass Door

Also during your article, you will want to be careful about the info released, because there are trade secrets that LCN and the respective companies want to keep secret to themelves, even though a door closer is a simple machine and is easy to understand once they figure it out, but if the trade secrets are released online, the companies that make them and those that repair them, could have a huge drop in business and higher risk of injury.

Glass Door

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