Bamboo FlooringI wish I could give this place 6 stars… The owner, Mark, was so helpful and easy to work with. Whilst bamboo flooring can be installed over existing tiles, timber or concrete, it’s ideal to check for potential issues and if they’re covered in the installation warranty. In most cases, bamboo flooring combined with your current flooring style will work fine if the right glue is used to bond the two together. Just consider how the combined height of your existing flooring in addition to the bamboo boards will impact areas such as full length windows, door frames and kitchen benches. Bamboo flooring can be purchased either as pre-finished panels or raw panels which will be sanded and polished on site.

Pre-finished bamboo requires no sanding or polishing in your home so there is no need to leave or be concerned about bad fumes. Sanding and polishing the floors on site is the dustier alternative but still, depending on the installation company, it’s relatively clean and quick and the faint smell of glue will disappear after the first day or two. Whilst bamboo is an eco-friendly flooring solution, as a finished floor the glues and products used can emit toxins into your home. Reputable bamboo flooring companies will only use a very small amount of glue that has been safely tested during the manufacturing process.

The environmental impact of bamboo flooring is huge and offers green-conscious homeowners many benefits. As we are becoming more concerned about the sustainability of products we use around the home, bamboo flooring is like a breath of fresh air. In comparison to other woods, bamboo replenishes itself much quicker as a grass – making it a highly renewable source. Bamboo is not threatened by forestry, like hardwood, because cutting the stalks actually promote faster growth. Homeowners often find it hard to comprehend just how durable bamboo flooring is compared to other hardwoods because it’s not actually a wood itself.

Most flooring is made from Moso species , different to than what pandas and other animals eat – enabling the food sources for wildlife to be protected. The durability of bamboo flooring depends on three factors, stalk construction (for example, woven strand bamboo flooring), materials added (adhesives) and the overall quality of the bamboo. The flooring has come out of the box looking as though it’s the natural finish.

Its durability tends to come from the compression used when manufacturing and producing bamboo. The most hardwearing form of bamboo goes under 2000 tonnes (the equivalent of two jumbo jets) of pressure to make for an incredibly dent-resistant surface. In an environment that is very dry, the bamboo floors can shrink and expand, causing the bamboo to crack. How your bamboo flooring reacts to humidity and exposure to moisture depends on its durability and board design. You don’t have to be a flooring expert to install our Natural Click Strand Bamboo.

Bamboo FlooringBamboo Flooring

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