For centuries, people have understood the importance of reliable exterior doors. Exterior doors are the first barrier that comes in contact with outdoor elements and harsh weather. Exterior doors protect you against robbers or burglars and give good impression to guests who come for a visit. Therefore, it is important to do a bit of research before buying exterior doors.

The problem, not many homeowners spend enough time to do research and understand differences among various materials used in manufacturing exterior doors. As a result, they make choices by personal aesthetic preferences. Just because a particular wood door looks charming and reminds you of a rustic villa in Tuscany does not mean it is a good choice for your property location. Here are few popular materials from new house builders that are typically used in manufacturing exterior doors and brief explanation of the pros and cons of each door.

  1. Wood exterior doors: Wood is probably one of the most popular materials for front door and access doors. Wood doors are stunningly beautiful and they can be designed, decorated, cut or carved according to the homeowner’s wish. When you decide to choose wood for exterior doors, it is always wise to choose a wood species that have high Janka hardness index. Hard woods tend to last longer and withstand temperature changes better than soft woods such as pine or fir. The downside of wood doors, it requires regular maintenance and quite expensive to upkeep. Because your exterior doors will come in touch with outdoor elements, you need to make sure your wood doors are regularly waxed, coated and painted to prevent damage against the elements. If you live in a place with high humidity or high salt in the air, your wood doors will require more care and maintenance than doors that are made of steel or fiberglass.
  2. Steel exterior doors: Steel is one of the most inexpensive door materials available. They are easy to manufacture and the material is relatively easy to obtain. It is also a fantastic choice for homeowners who want to have maximum protection and security for their belongings. Steel doors are not easy to break and you can add home security system or install anti-burglar lock easily whenever you need to leave the house for a prolonged period.
  3. Fiberglass exterior doors: Fiberglass doors are loved by many homeowners due to their versatility, beauty and durability. Fiberglass doors are almost maintenance-free and they can last for many years without any significant maintenance effort. They can withstand harsh outdoor elements, including high concentration of salt in the surrounding air. Therefore, if you live close to the beach or any other place where wood doors are not always a good choice, fiberglass doors can be a great alternative.

You may gather more information related to advantages and disadvantages of different materials for exterior doors and decide which one suits your property location and personal preference. If you want to save more money on energy consumption, you should search for exterior doors that have Energy Star mark on it.


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