Wood FloorIf you’re in a lucky position of remodeling your house or apartment, and already have the pet who you know well, then finding best flooring for the dog would be a smart move in more ways than one. Keep reading to see if a DIY (do-it-yourself) refinishing project is a good choice for resurfacing your own hardwood floors, and find out why it’s not as scary as it might seem at first glance. Our floors may not be tradesman quality, but only a trained eye would discern the difference. Water damage and termites forced this homeowner to replace the floor and subfloor because refinishing was no longer an option.

Ancient spills and a dog that apparently wasn’t housebroken had turned huge patches of the wood black – damage that clearly went much deeper than the surface. I scratched at it with a screwdriver to how deep the damage was, and found that it was too deep to repair. No fresh wood could be seen without making deep grooves with the blade of the screwdriver.

When resurfacing or refinishing a floor, you can remove some of the wood to reveal a fresh, smooth surface, but if you take too much material from it, it exposes that tongue and groove, which prevents the planks from holding their tight fit. I used the large floor sander as my husband worked the edges of the room, so you can see the effects of both.

Although I think my sander was adequate for the job, my husband decided to rent a heavier sander for 4 hours and to use mine for the final passes, when we’d be smoothing the floor instead of getting below those deep scratches. Its original protective coat was nearly worn off in the middle, where the wood had become dry and gray. Using this heavy floor sander with 40-grit paper worked well to get down to the prettier wood underneath.

A good hardwood floor can be refinished multiple times before reaching that tongue and groove if the material is preserved as much as possible. Our scratches were mostly in the surface, which meant we would have to get rid of all the existing varnish but not too much wood. We abandoned our floor for the evening while we hooked up the boat and spent a few hours fishing. We could have given our oak floors a cherry or mahogany finish if we’d wanted to, but we decided to go straight to coating the natural wood floors. You can even repurpose a container, which makes this homemade cleaner even greener.

Wood FloorWood Floor

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