Bamboo FlooringIf you’re in a lucky position of remodeling your house or apartment, and already have the pet who you know well, then finding best flooring for the dog would be a smart move in more ways than one. It’s the fastest growing plant known to man: Some bamboo shoots have been seen to grow up to four feet in a 24-hour period. Indeed, as the popularity of bamboo products have accelerated, manufacturers have struggled to keep up with demand, resulting in stories of discoloration and pest infestation. Hastily harvested bamboo is likely to be cheaper than hardwood products, while solid harvesting practices can yield a product superior to many hardwood products. Bamboo Veneer¬óBamboo veneer is taking bamboo to places never thought possible just a few years past.

The answer is just about anything or, more accurately, anyplace where you might use hardwood, you can use bamboo instead. Here’s a list of five of the most common bamboo home improvement products just to get you thinking about the possibilities. Bamboo Flooring¬óWith varieties rumored to be 100% stronger than red oak, and a stunning appearance that stops people in their tracks, bamboo is quickly becoming one of the most sought after hardwood flooring materials on the market.

You can easily attach it to a pre-existing fence, or have a more formal, traditional wood frame built to fit your bamboo into. From kitchen cabinetry to wall paneling, bamboo veneer allows you to outfit just about any area of your home with the rich, warm feel of this eco-friendly wood. Constructed in parquet style, bamboo butcher block is beautiful for use as countertops and tabletops alike. And since bamboo is denser than almost any other hardwood, it’s perfect for use in kitchens and dining rooms where spills and messes are commonplace. From dining sets to coffee tables and nightstands, bamboo furniture is every bit as beautiful as oak, maple, and cherry, and much better for mother earth.

That starts and stops with how responsibly we use the natural resources at our disposal, and when it comes to wood building products, bamboo has no equal. Whether you’re thinking about a new dinette set or a total kitchen remodel, bamboo is a beautifully green solution. Not only that, it may surprise you to know that within a month and a half, a bamboo tree can shoot up to almost seven feet.

Eco-friendly and highly sustainable, bamboo wood is a highly appealing alternative to the common hardwood floor , when it comes to toughness and longevity, it ranks high with hardwood like oak, mahogany, and the like. Probably the most popular form of bamboo wood flooring production employs the method of using slender bamboo stems that are first sliced/cut flat, and then cut to similar lengths for easy installations. This beautiful wood has a great reputation as an eco-friendly and extremely renewable source of material hence its popularity as traditional style flooring but with a modern twist. The bamboo plant can easily grow up to almost four foot high within twenty four hours.Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Carbonized Bamboo Flooring
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