Basic Guidelines for Asphalt Repair

For many years, asphalt has been used in paving parking lots and driveways. The material is very long-lasting, and it is also quite cheap compared to other materials like concrete. Regardless, asphalt has many challenges as it tends to break and cracker when subjected to harsh weather conditions. When this happens, it is important to repair the damaged patches before they become worse.

The the first step one has to take when repairing the asphalt pavement is clearing the area to be worked on. This means that you have to take out the weeds and grasses growing on the pavement. Doing this is not very difficult since one can use weed killer or uproot the weeds with bare hands. If it there is a pothole in the area where you are repairing, be sure to get rid of any loose asphalt because it might get in the way of your repair.

One has to isolate the area that is being repaired by saw cutting about the border. The base area need to be clean, so you have to remove all the debris and saw cutting around the perimeter. This gives way for the formatin of a good foundation for the base material to be laid. If you have used stones to build a solid foundation, you will need to crush these stones to ensure that the area is compact. A tack coat is then applied on top of the compact base to create a bond between the new paving and the base material. It is absolutely important to ensure that these each of the steps is followed to ensure regardless of whether you are making the repair one your own or with the help of a professional. Failure to do so will only create a weak repair that may not last very long.
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The asphalt is then applied once the area under repair is properly prepared. You need to spread the paving material on the same depth as the old pavement. This is to ensure uniformity in the pavement. After that, it is important to consider seal coating your driveway to help the asphalt develop resistance. Both water and the UV rays damage asphalt but the seal coating protects the pavement from these elements. Wight is also another factor that damages asphalt and seal coating helps increase the endurance of your pavement. Since the surface is very smooth, there is less friction which means that the tear and wear effect is reduced.
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After all the repair work is done, you need to stripe the parking lot or the driveway. Understandably, you cannot have a parking lot that is not properly marked; it not only make sure that your parking lot is neat but also organized. Worth noting that the results of the repair are not the same when a professional does and when you do it. If a professional does your repair work, you may only need to do the repairs every 3 to 4 years, but if you do it yourself, the pavement may require more repairs.

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