Glass DoorGlass salvaged from old windows or mirrored furniture, with a little imagination, has many uses around the home and garden for any DIY and Woodworker Enthusiast. Door knobs began to be more ornate with heavily carved designs that corresponded with the high decoration of the Victorian era, although it wasn’t until the 1870s that compression casting allowed for the most intricate designs. Many metal knobs were removed from homes during World War II to go to the war effort (and the knobs were replaced with glass).

Porcelain knobs were imported from Europe through the 1850s and work beautifully in farmhouses and other casual country homes. You can often find door knobs in antique stores and thrift shops but to get working knobs you will probably want to go to an architectural salvage store or look on the Internet. If the knob turns but the door doesn’t open you probably are dealing with a loose set screw. Wood knobs can be sanded and refinished but they will lose their patina and thus a lot of their appeal. When you choose to decorate with old fashioned door knobs you are giving your home a nostalgic, old fashioned look that is very welcoming.

Years ago we bought an old house that had the most beautiful antique glass doorknobs. I was fascinated with glass doorknobs as a child and have put a couple of them in my home! I would have never thought to go looking for antique door knobs, but they make such a difference in a house. Remember that my cleaning techniques can be used on any cabinet hardware from appliance pulls and cabinet hinges to towel bars and robe hooks.

Metal cabinet hinges , knobs and pulls are typically what you will find in most homes. There are tens of thousands of cabinet knobs, pulls and hinges out there in every shape, style, color and design. Be as expressive as your taste will allow using plastic or metal cabinet hardware. Metal and plastic cabinet hardware are the most common and the easiest to clean. Begin by removing all hardware pieces, cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls and cabinet hinges.

With so many textures, colors and styles, glass cabinet hardware has the versatility that contemporary designers crave and the timeless beauty that homeowners love. Otherwise, step into the new era of design with fresh and exciting glass cabinet hardware. Similar to plastic and metal cabinet hardware, glass cabinet hardware is super easy to clean. These cabinet knobs and pulls will create a charming atmosphere wherever they are placed. Alternatively, you can find wood cabinet hardware that is rich and elegant both in style and in texture. I would have no fear showing off my eats and drinks in a glass door refrigerator !!Glass Door

Glass Door

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