Basement IdeasSo you own a home and the upstairs is just not enough living space for you and then you realize that you have a full basement below full of all the stuff you have in storage. If you have concrete floors and walls, waterproof epoxy paint is a large painting to seal the walls of the basement and keep water out. This floor painting the basement can also be used on cement floors to add a unique touch to the room and get rid of the dull gray concrete. We serve you the best Basement Ideas Cheap gallery to make you feel encouraged to improvise your home design so you could beautify your home sweet home decoration.

We carefully compose this Basement Ideas Cheap gallery specially only for you, and we always hope that this gallery could become a perfect learning material for you to learn the secret technique to remodel your home decoration. This Basement Ideas Cheap, contains many tips and trick about home design inspiration which you could use it as a nice inspirations to learn about home decoration, home design inspiration, home interior and many more. For many, the basement becomes a purgatory for things we can’t decide what to do with. For this article, we are going to focus on some best flooring for basement ideas.

Go through what’s left and decide how much storage and utility space you’re going to need in your basement and how much living space you can claim. Pay attention to the placement of various basement activities when you’re laying out your space. If you love to sew and will be washing and ironing fabrics on a regular basis, putting your sewing room next to the laundry space in your basement might make sense. If you want to create a home gym, placing it next to a basement bathroom with a shower would be a great idea.Basement Ideas

If you don’t have the money full basement remodel, there are lots of ways to create a space that feels” finished without drywall and carpeting! Check out these DIY basement flooring, walls, and ceiling ideas to spruce up your unfinished basement space! Painted has the ability to add warmth, contrast, and transform any basement space for very little cost. You could either paint the floor a solid color or do a checkered design like Jeanne from did in her beautiful basement laundry room.

Recycled leather belts turned into flooring is a twist I never would have thought of before searching the web for interesting flooring ideas. Doing a whole floor may be expensive, but if you have a small basement bathroom or area behind a bar it could be do-able. Paint one of the basement walls with chalkboard paint like the one in this home office on IcingOnTheCakeBlog It would be fantastic in a playroom as well! Temporary room dividers don’t come with all that bureaucratic baggage, but will give visual separation between basement rooms. When deciding on the color scheme for you basement there are a few foods to think about.

Basement Ideas

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