Wood FloorFollow cleaning expert Melissa Maker’s tips for cleaning and maintaining your Armstrong or BruceĀ® hardwood floor. I’ve never tried the Bona Mop, but it comes highly recommended along with their Bona Tile and Laminate Cleaner. This is only recommended to remove old floor cleaners and then to use the vinegar and water treatment or another laminate floor cleaner. The Bruce Floor Cleaner for Laminate Floors that is mentioned above is also recommended by users. I love Murphy’s Oil for cleaning grease in the kitchen, but don’t use it on laminate wood floors. It says on the bottle that you can, but after I used it, my floor was a smeared up mess.

I spray the floor with windex and use my mop with hot water in it. I use the same kind of mop as the girl in the video. The dogs can sure leave awful marks on the floor and so fast it will look like it needs to be mopped again. I didn’t hear it recommended for laminated floors but it was recommended for our wood floors in our other house so when I did the floors here I used the windex. I hate spending a fortune on cleaners for my laminate floor so this is going to come in handy and save us a lot of money.

In our home in Canada we have shiny laminate floors which have been driving me bonkers with streaks. In the past I have had trouble with streaking on my laminate floors and even streaking from the build up of cleaners on ceramic tile. Barbara, I have wood floors but I think your recipe for homemade cleaner is pretty good. Be sure not to use fabric softener or dryer sheets when laundering your cleaning towels, or else they will lose their ability to absorb liquids effectively. We are the only company within a 175 mile radius that is certified for installation.

Works wonders on my wood laminate… had been using swiffer wet jet, although convenient, my floors were feeling greasy… so much better and cheaper too!! Cleans laminate floor well, but not seeing the same hi-gloss shine as the pic from the naturesnatureblog providing your recipe and link. Maybe I have to work through 2 years of commercial laminate floor cleaner to get to the shine. I will never touch a commercial cleaner again and I think these homemade cleaners are doing a decent job. WWFS understands installing a wood floor is a major time and monetary commitment.

The NWFA is a non-profit that was founded simply to provide the best education and sources for anything that deal with Wood Floors. For contractors that want to be serious about wood floors, the NWFA provides several different level classes. Anything from wood floor basics to advanced level installing or finishing classes, even classes on how to sell the proper wood floor product to a customer. The original story was sent to me from NWFA through their Hardwood Floors magazine.Wood Floor

Wood Floor

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