Benefits of Ultrasound Inspection

Productivity is simply another word for making money in many businesses. Any business which relies…

Productivity is simply another word for making money in many businesses. Any business which relies on equipment and machinery to make a product or to aid in the production process understands the importance of keeping every mechanical devise in the process functioning at peak capacity to provide maximum production capability and the greatest potential revenue. But it is not always as easy as keeping up on regularly scheduled maintenance and repair tasks. Sometimes machines break down or experience a drop in functionality and require a fast diagnostic to be able to plan and execute a needed repair. An ultrasound inspection can often be the fastest way to determine what is damaged or broken and what the best course of action will be.

Ultrasonic testing uses high frequency sound energy to conduct examinations of equipment, and machines. It can be used to detect flaws and make evaluations as well as taking measurements of parts and fittings to evaluate their function. The inspection reveals imperfections in both the surface and subsurface of a material so it can define the depth of an imperfection without visual inspection. An added benefit is that it inspects in a three dimensional manner but only requires access to a single side of the equipment so many evaluations can be performed with the machine still in place.

When a piece of critical equipment is not functioning properly, it can require many hours of labor and loss time to disassemble the machine. But the use of an ultrasound inspection can eliminate the need for that down time and can provide much more detailed information about the issue or flaw that has been detected. Reducing the down time of equipment and production will also decrease the loss of revenue. Regular inspections can also alert maintenance staff or small issues that can be corrected before the damage becomes more severe and results in a catastrophic loss of an expensive piece of equipment.