Vinyl FlooringI have read this other times in many books on detoxifying your environment but this new research adds an extra sting to it. Vinyl flooring offgasses into your home and continues to do so for most of its life, so it isn’t just when it is new. As with most flooring solutions, the more expensive versions tend to be the most attractive but still, if you’re prepared to hunt around, there are some good, aesthetically appealing ones to be found – even second-hand, as carpet squares are far more conducive to being transferred from house to house than regular wall-to-wall carpet. Failing that, the concrete can be cut and sanded down to reveal the natural aggregate or another thin slab can be poured on top, containing the requisite aggregate but there goes the cheap flooring idea.

This picture shows my basement with the carpeting newly removed as well as the wood paneling which was attached to the concrete foundation. After all this water came into the basement, out went the carpeting, out went the wood paneling, out went the entertainment center, some electronics, a computer desk, storage desk, tile underneath the carpeting, and a bunch of knick knacks. Initially I was going to get what they call a Bagster which I understood that I could pick up at Home Depot for around $30 and it would be picked up by a local disposal company for around $125 to $150.Vinyl Flooring

Right now my wife and I are looking at vinyl flooring that looks like wood, I’m checking out some bars for the basement, HDTV’s, etc… We are not making this a man cave but we are taking suggestions from anything to do with flooring, subflooring, and whatever might make a basement usable, while looking good. The stair treads are pine with an 18mm (3/4 inch) nosing over the risers, the risers are probably box wood, the stringers (the side wooden planks that hold the treads and risers in position) are embedded into the walls either side, with a handrail securely fixed to the wall on one side.

With no intention of pulling up the laminate floor in the office to gain access to support beams an alternative bespoke system is devised to support the new flooring where necessary, in this case by fixing battens to the support beams to support a suitably strong piece of plywood the top of which will be flush with the top of the support beams. The wood offcut (which cost nothing) was made into skirting simply by running a router down one edge to create the curved finished edge of a skirting board.

However on checking on hire costs, which just a few years ago was quite a cheap option for temporary use of tools, I discovered that hire prices have gone up considerably, so much so that purchasing a belt sander (for just five times the cost of hiring one for two days) seemed to be a good long term investment. Totally opposites, one bright and modern, the other looks old fashioned and romantic.

Vinyl Flooring

Benefits Of Installing Vinyl Flooring
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