Basement IdeasWe have showcased a round-up of basement living rooms but today, we will give you a list of ideas on what you can do with your basement. The second step in the Basement Organization Challenge is to make a plan for how you want to use your basement, for storage, utility, and living spaces, so when you begin organizing everything you are working toward your goal. Not all houses are exactly the same so you may not have all of these in your basement (assuming you even have a basement), but you’ve got to keep the ones you’ve got in mind when planning how to both use and organize your basement.

This is the zone we’ll really be focusing on during the Basement Organization Challenge. It is the area of your basement you’ve determined will be used for storage of household items. Once you’ve determined what areas of your basement will constitute this zone, you may want to break it down into sub-zones, such as for certain types of items. The two things to keep in mind when dealing with basement organization are accessibility and keeping like items together.Basement Ideas

To the extent that you already have a finished basement, or an area in your basement designated as a playroom, rec area, craft or workshop area, make sure you look at the instructions for other of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenges with suggestions on how to organize these areas. Once you’ve got your plan in your mind of how you’ll utilize various zones in your basement, the third step in the Basement Organization Challenge is to place the items where they belong in an organized fashion.

Second, when considering accessibility, think about how frequently and at what times of year you’ll access various items you’re placing into storage in the basement. That is why you’ve got to carefully choose your zones and sub-zones mentioned in step 2 of the Basement Organization Challenge, above. When storing things in your basement you’ve got to keep in mind that the area can be damp and is potentially prone to flooding. The main thing I caution against is using cardboard boxes for storage in your basement. Then, whenever you need something from your basement storage it will be a breeze to find it quickly and easily.

Finally, the last step in the Basement Organization Challenge is to take stock of what you’ve organized and stored in your basement, labeling it and making an inventory of the contents for your reference later. However, you’re limited to a one or two word description on most labels, so I’ve also created a printable basement storage inventory form (which you can see on the left) that you can use to more thoroughly list the contents of various boxes. You can tell me your progress or give me more ideas for how you’ve organized this area of your home in the comments below. I also would love to see before and after pictures of your organized basement, once you’ve completed the challenge.

Basement Ideas

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