Basement IdeasThis is what it looks like when you turn your basement into somewhat of a mini bar. Of course, we also found some great centerpieces while shopping so our list changed a bit in the process but I think we came up with some simple but elegant ideas that would pass muster with my niece. We didn’t need a lot of centerpieces because the beautiful basement rec room we were using was set up as a living, dining and bar area. Instead of balloons, crepe paper streamers and mylar bursts, try using decorative mesh, colored tulle, or sheer organza for ceiling and wall decorations.

Our home was built in 68 and is sure need of some renovations so I appreciate these ideas and hints. Frankly, I think that if one has a basement and is also an audiophile, it would be the perfect space for a listening room. Basically underground, and typically unfinished, a basement has terrific listening room potential. If you treat the ceiling correctly you don’t hardly have to worry about disturbing anyone. And true to form, we’re not even cool enough to rank turning the basement into a listening area.

If you have been looking for a room to place all your workout equipment in but not have found anything, the basement could be an ideal place for this. It may need a bit of touching up before you can start working out in the basement. You could start by re doing the floors if they are not pleasant looking and then paint your walls a white or a color that would lighten up a room since it is very easy for a basement to appear dark and gloomy. In every home with a basement, this is the route they decide to go by storing things in the basement. The amount of square footage in the basement is generally equivalent to that on the ground floor.

The most common use of a basement is for storage of household items but you can shake things up a bit by storing your alcohols and spirits in the basement. The tips and tricks that have been mentioned above will help you create a fun space and make the best use of your basement. The interior space of your basement is where we will spend a considerable portion of our time in the coming months — perhaps poising it for a bit of scrutiny in our traditional time of making fresh starts. Here we talk with experienced interior designers and architects about the basement trends and ideas that they expect to have an impact in 2012.

The basement can be partitioned off into different rooms or it can be one huge open space. Once the identification and remediation of basement problem areas is finished, the next step is determining a layout for the space. Looking at pictures or at what others have done always helps jump-start the imagination. Keep in mind that the basement will have little or no natural light so consider this when planning the layout. I’d like to suggest to you that one of the biggest and best reasons to finish the basement of your home is to make space for storage.

Basement IdeasBasement Ideas

Basement Makeover
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