Basement IdeasOne of the basement ceiling options you can opt is the suspended ceiling design. It becomes twice as significant in the basement bedroom than in the main levels of the house. With natural ventilation being minimal, you rely almost entirely on artificial lighting fixtures in the basement. In most countries, basement living spaces must have emergency escape and rescue openings as per the local building codes. Basement escapes have proven to be great life savers in case of fires and natural disasters. In case you really wish to transform the mood of the basement bedroom and also provide a deft escape option, basement window wells come in handy. The approach to designing the basement bedroom might be completely different from the one you take for the bedroom on the main levels.

In fact, we suggest you invest in comforters and pillow covers that are far more comfy to turn the basement bedroom into an amazing retreat. Creating a modern basement bedroom is well worth the added effort and time you put into it. It also allows you to be a better host and puts an end to your search for that elusive additional bedroom, a delight that is waiting to be unearthed! I plan to use this section of the website to share those ideas with you and show you how you can prepare to make those a reality by thinking ahead during the 5 basement finishing phases. Dartboards – Nothing could be more quintessential to a basement than dartboards.

Basement Pole – Basement poles are unsightly but with a little planning you can turn them into a design asset. Guest Bedroom – I love it when my family comes to visit us and I want them to have a relaxing and enjoyable time. Nothing helps that more than giving them a luxurious bedroom of their own where they can get away for a few minutes and get a great nights sleep. This basement idea post breaks down an awesome photo I found of a guest bedroom and shows you the keys to achieve the same look and feel.

Wood Pallet Walls – Great basement finishing idea to add some color and texture to your basement walls. Home Theater / Audo – Video – The post has 7 ideas you should consider to prep a basement room for some awesome audio and video. This post has two great ideas on how to get the most light from your basement windows and make them look bigger than they really are.

By using some molding, rope lighting and planning a switched outlet in the ceiling you can create some great soft lighting for you movie nights. Finished Basement Ideas on Pinterest – The best place to save you basement ideas is on Pinterest. You’ll want an outlet in the ceiling again, one for the projector and one for the motorized projection screen. Slightly embarrassed to show this pic ’cause the basement is mess, but this looks great and was easy to build. Ceiling choices are governed in large part by the particular basement’s design.

Basement IdeasBasement Ideas

Basement Living Room Ideas
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