Basement IdeasIf you have a house full of gamers and sports fans, chances are, you have related paraphernalia all over your house! We’ll look at various room designs in all parts of the house, and show some in each room to give you some ideas. In this section of the article, I’d like to get into some of the themes available to give you some inspiration, motivation and ideas on what may strike you as fitting you or your family. They do have a lot of great photos and I find myself inspired and getting ideas when I visit there.

I once had a Mary Englebret calendar and saved it. I rarely throw away old calendars since I enjoy the images and they are great to use for collage art and inspiration. However it was in the basement so I rarely spent much time down in that cold dark place – but it was a great place to keep my art supplies and whimsical goodies. Then cut or tear the images into strips (mine are vertical, could also do horizontal strips) and then glue the pieces down alternating those from one image to the other. My basement is very damp and I think this is where the problem has arisen from.

Images saved from magazine prints, one old childhood image, all cut to fit then assembled to create house. Over time, there are many factors that can cause your foundation to be stressed causing your basement walls to crack and bow. Your local basement services company will use a reinforcing polymer that is designed to counteract outside pressure on the wall. Basement floors crack because of hydrostatic pressure that comes from water seeping under your house. If you are looking to adding a finished basement to your home, a quality sump pump and water basin is a must. Many basement services do not recommend using fiberglass insulation and would suggest using rim joist insulation for your basement.

Sump pumps are one of the first steps toward making your basement an enjoyable area of the house to be in. Water under the house will also make the floors cold, if they are not wet and does not allow for a comfortable environment. A cracked floor will ruin your rug and any other appliances or furniture that is in your finished basement so I recommend looking into your sump pump system early on.Basement Ideas

Even with walls that have no cracks and a dry floor, the basement may still not be a comfortable place in the house for you to spend time in. This is likely because of inadequate insulation in the basement that allows cold air in and doesn’t trap the heat. Water vapor can create condensation with fiberglass insulation and this will lead to mold and mildew in your basement. Fortunately there is a solution for this; egress windows allow your basement to receive light that otherwise would not be available.

Basement Ideas

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