Basement IdeasExpand your home’s square footage by using the basement for more than just storage. The wall is a single skin internal brick wall which is above the basement and the washing machine and condensing boiler are in the basement to the side of the wall (with a gap between them and it). I pulled the air vent from the ceiling and found a build up of black colored mold. If you have a black patch of damp on the ceiling that is spreading, it might be the roof leaking or gutters or a drain – try to take a look outside to see if that might be possible. I have damp upstairs in the bedroom and all along the stairs leading up to the bedroom though, also on the opposite side near my desk.

Bedroom window and to the side of it. They are very old flats do you know what it could be caused from it is an external wall. Overhead pipes and ductwork can add further challenges, and if you didn’t anticipate a bathroom when the house was built, the basement toilet may have to flush up. If water periodically wells up between the slab and foundation wall, or there are cracks in the foundation, you will need to call in a contractor or basement waterproofing company for advice. So is boxing the ducts in with soffits, or wood-framed enclosures covered with drywall or MDF.

That’s why several companies offer complete basement finishing systems that include waterproof wall panels, moisture-proof drop ceilings, mold-proof PVC moldings and water-resistant underfloor systems; everything to reduce the risk from water damage. Owens Corning offers an insulated wall panel for basement conversion composed of compressed fiberglass lined by vinyl on the finished side. TBF panels can be installed in floor and ceiling tracks independent of the foundation wall, or they can be attached directly to foundation walls.

The system is versatile enough that you can leave a portion of your basement unfinished, or divide the space into rooms, or even erect closets. In addition to various versions of its wall panels, TBF offers a menu of other basement remodeling products, including finished stair kits, drop ceilings, and waterproof flooring. Consider installing or beefing up ventilation, ideally with ductwork or ceiling fans.

The parent company, Basement Systems, is a nationwide network of waterproofing contractors, so it’s likely that the TBF dealer in your area will be able to help with basement waterproofing, too. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a walkout basement, where one or more walls are above-grade and can accommodate large windows and glazed doors, natural lighting is going to be limited in your basement to a handful of small windows.Basement Ideas

Basement Ideas

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