Basement IdeasThis article discusses some of the improvements you can make to your basement that will greatly improve the value of your home. Yes, we had a few lego birthday parties in those days, wish I’d had these ideas then. You can put a tall bookcase in front of the door or you can panel the entire basement wall and use a section of paneling for the door. Where the walls meet the basement walls, you’ll have to drill into the basement concrete and insert rebar that ties the old walls into the new ones.Basement Ideas

You’ll need plywood and framing lumber to form the wall and ceiling frames for pouring. We built one in my parent’s house because my dad’s handicapped and can’t go to the basement should a storm break. The majority of homes with water seepage in the basement do not have long enough downspouts. Try to see if the seepage that is entering the basement is water or waste water.

The clay will help to allow the water to run off away from the building instead of being able to seep into the ground and into the basement. Sometimes underground lines develop leaks and can cause leakage into a nearby basement. Dye can be put into the lines to see if it is the water that is entering the basement. If they do not resolve the issue you will have to install a drainage system around the outside of the basement. It sounds like your basement is providing the path of least resistance for the groundwater.

This step can be expensive, but will solve the issue unless the house was built in an area with a constant ground water elevation above the floor elevation of the basement. The drainage will then lead to a sump pump that can be used to mechanically pump the water away from the basement walls. Find out more about the sand layer before taking this step because if the sand layer extends all the way under the basement floor, it will not help.

I would never recommend patching a basement with coal patch or any other material without addressing the drainage issues. Unless your basement is directly next to a river or lake and there is no way to divert it to a lower elevation, then never treat your basement like a dam. My gut feeling said -put the stove upstairs but when there’s a woman involved and she’s a darn good cook, the basement seemed a No Brainer at the time. I know it wouldn’t take much, but I wouldn’t leave a Coleman heater in the basement unattended, I’m thinkin’.

Basement Ideas

Basement Designs Ideas
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