Basement IdeasOne important thing to consider is that you don’t need to be that rich to have your own bar built in your house. I would like to share its design with you and show you how you can build your own Spanish Adobe Fireplace and turn your basement into a real Spanish theme paradise. Paint: Perhaps one of the easiest ways to theme a room is to color the walls and ceiling with colors that really make the theme pop. Jerseys/team shirts: If you have any kind of sports theme, this is a must-have decoration for the walls, or to have suspended from the ceiling. Framed prints: Whether it’s just pictures that go with the theme or comic books, framing anything to go with the theme not only takes up wall space, but adds a touch of class!

If you’re still not sure what you want to do, or need some inspiration, check out Pinterest for ideas and cool DIY projects to make your man cave awesome! Of all home renovations, kitchen and basement remodels offer the best financial return. Finishing a basement is typically less expensive than building an addition or moving into a larger house. This is a great opportunity to take care of basement issues that you’ve been putting off, like waterproofing and repairing moisture damage.

You can also use this remodel to ensure your basement is protected from future problems by choosing products that resist mold, mildew, sagging, and fire. Review a few of the most common problems found in basements and the ceiling solutions that can help fix them. We’ve created several design tools and estimators to make it easy for you to visualize a new Armstrong ceiling in your basement and get an estimate for the amount of ceiling tiles, planks, or panels you’ll need. The first step to a beautiful finished basement is prepping for it. Use our handy guide to get started. Installing a basement gym will create a convenient environment for a healthier, happier you.

Ceiling tiles offer superior acoustic properties to soften noises, so the rooms above your basement are quieter. A basement renovation brings with it specific safety concerns uniquely related to below-ground living spaces. Armstrong offers ceiling products treated with BioBlock, an additive that resists the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. While a basement could be used for anything that a normal area of the house could be used for, it can be the best area for certain types of rooms.

When coming up with a basement finishing plan or basement designs, bear in mind that this below-grade space provides a uniquely quiet, private space with the unique feel that makes it perfect as a separate area in the home. Total Basement Finishing dealers offer Free Basement Design Consultations and Quotes For a helping hand with your basement remodeling & basement design ideas, call or contact us online and we’ll be glad to offer our expertise. If you’re finishing the basement and are looking for some great basement remodeling & basement design ideas to help you decide what to do with that extra space in your home.Basement Ideas

Basement Ideas

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