Bamboo FlooringThere are two considerations in relation to flooring (as with many selections that you have to make in the bathroom renovation project). Strand woven bamboo flooring is made when strands of bamboo are cut and boiled then left to completely dry. The waste from the processing of making standard bamboo planks is usually recycled into strand woven bamboo flooring. Its durability and toughness makes it a perfect choice when used in high traffic areas not to mention it is also very easy to clean.

Strand woven bamboo flooring is also the most sustainable of all bamboo flooring options as it has the least amount of waste and doesn’t use any additives or toxic chemicals in its manufacture. It is important to note that nails can actually crack and damage the tongues of strand woven bamboo so gluing is the preferred method of securing it to the sub-floor. Engineered bamboo flooring is the same as an engineered hardwood flooring with the difference being the material. Engineered flooring is comprised of multiple layers, cross-banded for stability and glues together. If you live in a climate that fluctuates between dry and humid, an engineered bamboo floor is an ideal choice.

Bamboo has a lower expansion rate than hardwoods so it expands and contracts less in changing moisture conditions. Engineered bamboo flooring is perfect for basements and over concrete surfaces, as they are even more resilient to the effects of moisture than solid wood so an engineered floor will expand less than the other types of bamboo floors, it gives you added moisture protection. Despite is moisture resistance, bamboo is recommended for both dry and humid climates and anything in between. This type of flooring can be installed in three different methods: glued down, cleat, or floated.

This type of flooring is precision-engineered to be dimensionally stable and as a result, it is also recommended to put over radiant floor heating. Essentially the flooring can be glued to the sub-floor, cleat or nailed to your sub-floor or floated by gluing it together and not to the sub-floor, usually done when the sub-floor is concrete or over radiant floor heating loops. I would love to see a post about cork flooring to hear what people have to say!

The best part of a click flooring system is that you can take it up if need be and quickly put it back down. This snug fit helps with cupping, warping, and provides a more stable, continuous flooring. Click – Each flooring plank is manufactured with interlocking joints that click and lock together and hold each plank firmly in place. Remember that sometimes it can be cheaper to buy the flooring yourself, and hire a handyman to help you install it. They have the knowledge to help you do it right, and you can ensure the quality of the final product.

Bamboo FlooringBamboo Flooring

Bamboo Hardwood Flooring Gives Some Benefits
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