Bamboo FlooringI am always on a hunt for new and original eco-friendly products but when it comes to eco-friendly cell phone covers, I was always searching in vain. The main advantages of cold press bamboo are its ability to maintain consistent appearance and its superior board stability. The longer production time also allows the resins and adhesives to penetrate the strand woven bamboo thoroughly, resulting in a more stable product. In summary, the negatives of hot press bamboo are outweighed by its benefits and do not present enough of a problem to need to eliminate it as an option.

This weak spot is prone to cracking and, while it is not something you will notice on purchase or installation of the flooring, throughout the seasons as the floor expands and contracts this spot will become increasingly susceptible to cracking and splitting. Hot press bamboo is recommended when board strength and colour variation are more important.

While cold press bamboo is recommended when consistent colour appearance and board stability are more of a preference, consumers must be aware of the weaker board strength that brings with it potential risk of damage. Not all bamboo is the same and not all companies sell the same bamboo products and, therefore, careful consideration and research should be done into all areas of the products rather than just the one area of manufacturing. We specialise in the supply and distribution of bamboo flooring and bamboo decking; along with other complimentary bamboo products to retailers, the building industry and general public Australia-wide.

It is our aim at Evergreen Bamboo to provide the market with a top quality product range at a competitive price point. The flooring we ended up going with is very light colored and looks like wood panels (see photos). With luxury, there are three installation types: glue down, click, and quick (which is similar to click). We chose the glue down only because the color we wanted was only available in that installation type. If you count the time between deciding we were definitely putting in new flooring and when we actually did, it would have been months.

In the end, cost was not really a big factor because after doing all my research I discovered that the price for the various flooring, after materials and other costs, would have ended up being very similar. I wanted all light flooring without these dark streaks and knots, but that color luxury vinyl does not exist 🙁 We didn’t find out it was this color until the box arrived. Because our house is relatively new construction, the kitchen was done in the crappy vinyl and the attached dining room was carpeted.

Bamboo FlooringBamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring Vs. Hardwood Flooring
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