Bamboo FlooringAt a recent editorial meeting, Julie asked what we all thought of bamboo floors. Now, we’re supposed to be getting $450 back for all our trouble, but I am now ready to sue not only for the incredibly poor quality of the flooring, but for the delays their ineptitude has caused and cost us (we’ve ended up almost a month behind schedule). Q. I installed carbonized bamboo flooring about a year ago- it looked beautiful and continues to stand up to kitchen traffic without scratching- but- it is now beginning to warp and bow- creating gaps.

If properly cared for, bamboo is more durable than even hardwood floors since it resists moisture and can handle the weight of furniture as well as steel. Low Maintenance – A simple sweeping and an occasional mopping is all that’s needed to keep bamboo flooring clean and well maintained. Affordable – It is more affordable than other kinds of flooring or comparable in some cases depending on what kind you buy and where you buy it. These inferior bamboo products have also created a belief that bamboo is cheaper than hardwood.

Installation – Since bamboo flooring can be installed in pieces, you have the freedom to install it on your own. Quality – There is a wide variety of quality levels in bamboo flooring and if you aren’t careful, you can purchase flooring that isn’t very durable. So one has to buy from reliable sources that provide better grade flooring to ensure you enjoy this flooring for many years.

In short, it is important to weigh the pros and cons associated with the natural bamboo flooring and then take a decision regarding whether or not to opt for it. While it takes trees about 50 years to grow and mature, it takes bamboo about 5 – not to mention, bamboo is able to regenerate itself after cutting. The unusual feature of the bamboo plank structure is constructed without using any equipment or tool.

The cost of bamboo flooring is, on average, less than hardwood making it a more affordable optionĀ in most casesĀ and there’s so many choices in type, color and finish now making it a versatile material in achieving different aesthetics. It’s definitely important to know the types of bamboo flooring: engineered, solid and strand-woven – as they each have different levels of durability and looks. If you think bamboo floors could be right for you, I’ve listed some of my favorites over on the Flooring Inc.

Bamboo FlooringBamboo Flooring

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