Armstrong FlooringBella Cera Floors’ premium Amalfi Coast hardwood flooring is featured in this year’s Architectural Digest Greenroom at the 84th Annual Academy Awards. Home Depot or Lowes has the equipment to rent,to sand the floors, then use water base poly ( it dries faster) 2 coats min. If you can afford it now or further on down the road get the proper, real tile flooring. Once all is removed, you should give it a good clean, (If you were to install the new flooring before taking the old one out, in time your new flooring will start to peel off and you don’t want that) then it’s time to start putting down your new flooring. Whether you use ‘;self stick’; or not, I’ve always used ‘;Henry’s’; glue No.5 from Home Depot. I just did a job removing ‘;vinyl’; flooring that was glued to a concrete floor.

Then you need to use an embossing leveler, you can buy it at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or any other flooring store. Any other questions you can ask the flooring associate at which ever store that you purchase the products from. I have done this and I always use a flooring adhesive even though the vinyl floor tiles might be peel-n-stick. You can buy flooring adhesive and use it too depending how much traffic that area gets I would suggest using the adhesive along with the tile. I was under the impression that laminate flooring was supposed to ‘;float’; over the old floor and NOT be glued down. It was built in 1979, and the existing flooring is parquet that we鈥檝e started to remove.

You must have very good ventilation to use this as the fumes build up. I just completed 5000SF of flooring that way last month. We are assuming it was the original flooring because it is consistent with other units in the same complex. Also, since this flooring seems to be consistent amongst the original units, if there was a hazardous material issue, I鈥檓 sure the condo association would have notified tenants and included that information in the condo documents. I strongly suggest that you contact a reliable flooring specialty retailer in your area. As part of the restoration, the kitchen %26amp; foyer floor was laid w/ new vinyl flooring.

Or you can scrape up the adhesive until there are only traces of it left, and then float over it with a portland cement-based patching compound like Dap’s Webcrete 95. Then the regular flooring adhesives can be used over that. However, there is a noticable ‘;buckle’; in the vinyl that runs the length of the kitchen floor %26amp; is about 10′; wide. You may have one of the most asbestos laden floors left over from the bad day of flooring.

I decided to pull back the vinyl in the foyer %26amp; discovered that there was little to NO adhesive; rather, the new vinyl was attached directly to the old linoleum floor with double sided sticky tape (looks like that clear packing tape)!! I was stunned…all of the other homes that we have installed vinyl in had new plywood subfloors installed %26amp; the vinyl laid over that with adhesive. I’m happy to support this local business and the service at Armstrong is excellent.Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong Flooring

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