Uncertain Times

Worldwide uncertainty grips the people. From the middle east to Russia, China, India, and South America, there are rising tensions between government authority and people groups. These tensions have spilled over into the United States via the Syrian refugee crisis, but they certainly aren’t the only source of economic uncertainty.

From the financial crisis of 2008 to an ever-expanding national debt, citizens in North America are quickly realizing that old means of establishing secure investments are increasingly outmoded. Take property, for instance. In Canada, foreign investors facilitated an artificial housing bubble whose expansion even a Canadian tax on foreign investment has yet to completely halt.

Bubbles can’t expand infinitely; a collapse in Canada is coming, and it will also affect the US. Since the 2008 financial crisis, the housing market just isn’t what it used to be. Savvy investors are withdrawing their property investiture. Millennial buyers have noticed the changes, and are re-evaluating their strategies as they pertain to property.

It’s not about finding a good house with a good mortgage and sitting on it anymore. That mortgage is likely to get higher even while your property’s value decreases, meaning you lose money. Renting is still not a better option, but the difference between that and ownership is growing increasingly slim.

Many are turning to either the “tiny home”, or mobile forms of living like RVs, trailers, and vans. These are fast becoming the apartments of the modern millennial. The thing is, you don’t have to go quite that extreme to recoup property value. You might just have to apply some renovations and/or additions.


Remodeling And Architectural Solutions

If your attic is structurally sound, paint the walls, sweep the floor, lay down some rug, drag up some furniture, and voila! Your home now has a new room that increases the value of your property to a certain degree.

You can also look at a restroom remodel. You’re going to need this eventually, and there are plenty of ways to modernize your bathroom without breaking the bank. From new paint to wallpaper, new sink fixtures to new toilets and designer carpets designed to keep your toes comfortable between hygiene stations, there are many home-making options that are simple and will facilitate value increase.

You can also build an entirely new shed, garage, or even room—depending on your proclivities. According to American Steel Span, “Adding a new metal garage or storage space to your property can boost your home’s value by as much as 14%; and [such building solutions] consistently retain their value.”

There are a lot of options for the use such a facility may have, too. It could be a garage, it could be a sort of exterior attic to your home, or it could function as an additional room. This room can be used as a creative space, a building area, or even a bedroom—depending on local living and zoning ordinances, of course.

The Next Step

After you’ve remodeled your property, or added additional fixtures to it like Do It Yourself prefabricated garage kits, you can worry about energy. Solar panels aren’t just becoming more cohesively designed, they’re also becoming more affordable. A panel about a meter long and half as wide can provide one hundred watts an hour.

The key to making a solar panel work is having the right storage. Sequence three car batteries together and you may be able to to cover the majority of your energy needs, day or night, from one panel. But it makes sense to look at your utility bill beforehand to be sure. In any event, adding panels to a new prefab steel building is a way you could build a very cheap “tiny home” that is entirely independent of the grid.


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