Art has gone through a lot of transformations along the years and along with it so have the carvings on the fireplaces. A fireplace is not just an efficient source of heat but also a piece of sculpture which complements and enhances the visual aspect of the interior décor, so it can truly be considered an expression of art. Fireplaces have been present in the homes of every man since fire has been discovered. They have developed from cooking area to heating and cooking area, from resting and warming areas into decorative and heating instruments.

Not as common today as in the past centuries, fireplaces add grandiosity and style to any room, be they inside a home or in various institutions. And the truly spectacular ones, the ones which represent art itself, in its different historical stages, are the ones with carved details. One can find an exquisite collection of stone antique fireplaces and marble fireplaces at the Thornhill Galleries, by visiting their showroom in London or browsing through their website.

Carved details of fireplaces

Depending on the époque they come from, the antique fireplaces from the Thornhill Galleries have various carved representations on.  As pictures speak louder than words, here are some of the unique mantels you can find at Thorhnill’s:

The beauty of the mantel carvings is that they can be on a marble fireplace, a stone fireplace, a wood fireplace or on a metal fireplace, making it easy for those who love details to choose the best material to fit within the interior décor.

Carved details on antique fireplaces add value and charm to these vintage mantels. They represent the evolution of art and sculpture as humanity went through changing processes. Many times, one can say that they represent the ideal of beauty across the ages. The tiny sculptures along with the material used to create a fireplace mantel blend in smoothly in a representation of style and elegance.

The saying goes that God is in the details but when it comes to antique fireplaces, details represent a fine example of what human kind can do.

Antique Fireplaces with Carved Details