Bamboo FlooringThe Quick Door Hanger is an easy, cost effective way to install a pre-hung door. Looking to install a new bamboo floor and don’t know where to start, look here for a free description of different bamboo flooring types and what you need to know including installation tips. This installation guide outlines what you need to know when installing a click engineered floor from and includes free tips and helpful hints for a true do-it-yourselfer. On the other hand, if the original hardwood engineered floor was installed by a professional installation company, you might want to start limbering up that back and packing a couple of lunches.

First, take your circular saw and make sure you set the actual cutting depth to the exact thickness of the flooring. It’s easier if you have a spare flooring board around to do this, or if not if you can get one of them up and actually set the depth of the cut on the board to the concrete. Once all the flooring is removed, using the floor scraper , scrape off all the remaining glue from the concrete. That’s it, that’s really all there is to removing glued down engineered hardwood flooring from a concrete floor. If the homeowner does not have extra pieces of flooring, take a sample of the flooring to a supplier and find a match.

Use a flooring scraper (¾ to 1½ inches wide) to smooth the repair, scraping with the grain. Scrape into the existing flooring a little further than the sanded area and along every other grain line. Cupping across the width of one piece of the flooring material leaves the edges higher than the center. Be sure that you have a budget in mind when you consider the longterm cost of choosing a least then lasting finish.

Crowning, when the center of the piece of flooring is higher than the edges, caused when a cupped floor is sanded flat without eliminating the cause of the moisture imbalance. Typically, because expansion of the hardwood flooring will occur in the direction of the tongue, there are several things that you can do to offset expanding wood. Another option is to install the flooring with the tongue facing out in both directions, away from the center of the room.

In most cases, flooring that requires to be glued down is not used on solid hardwood (most are nailed down) and therefore expansion with glue down floors rarely happens because most glue down flooring uses engineered wood. If your concrete basement floor has cracks or is severely not level, you are going to want to take care of these issues before you ever install any basement flooring. However, the cost of purchasing distilled water for the lifetime of the mop is not justifiable.

Bamboo FlooringBamboo Flooring

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