People believe leather office chairs are the ultimate choice of executive ergonomic chair. Because leather is viewed as a sumptuous material and gives off an aura of prestige and success. Although the rise of the Aeron chair has probably reduced this trend in recent years.

Advantages of leather upholstery

Good quality leather is coming with a price to pay. If you are considering to buy the best leather office chair, you have better not to be fixated about getting the cheapest leather chair you can find. You need to make sure that it is ergonomically correct.

High quality leather office chairs will be upholstered in one single piece of hide to maintain the best look and finish. To reduce the costs, chair manufacturer is known to use a good quality vinyl to upholster the chair back.

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Those ergonomic leather office chairs that are finished in a high quality hide will give you many years of good service. Because leather upholstery is easy to maintain. It simply needs a regular wipe over with a clean damp cloth regularly. Carefully maintained, a good quality hide upholstered ergonomic chair will give leather office chairs a distinctive appearance over the years.

Disadvantages of leather upholstery

First and foremost you must fight the temptation to find a leather office chair because it is incredibly cheap. You believe it is great value for your money. Really cheap chairs with leather upholstery are usually made from off cuts and scraps of very low quality leather that have been pieced together just to cover the chair. So, first rule for selecting an ergonomic leather office chair is do not buy that incredibly cheap bargain.

Next, you need to understand that leather having a smooth surface finish will actually have you sliding forward in your chair. If you are considering ergonomic leather office chairs with forward tilt because you do a lot of keyboard work in front of computer, you will almost certainly find it very difficult to avoid sliding too far forward in your leather office chairs. You will be far better off by sitting in a fabric upholstered ergonomic office chair, or even an Aeron chair.

Leather also will to put a shine on your clothing. If you wear expensive outfits or hout coutour business suits at work you may need to increase your clothing budget as you may find your clothes wearing out more quickly than before. Lastly, you may well find that during the summer months leather office chairs will make you to perspire or sweat excessively (unless you are sitting in some top quality leathers having a breathable protective finish).

How to Pick The Best Chair ?

At first thought it may seem like your telephone or computer is the most important piece of equipment in your office. But it’s actually your chair. So if you’re currently working at your desk in a cast-off from a friend or on a dining room chair, think about replacing it immediately. Your office chair, where you spend hours at a time, affects how you work and how you feel each day.

What Does an Office Chair Cost?

The cost of a quality office chair runs the spectrum. Plan to spend anywhere from $350-$1000 at a minimum. And that’s not for executive plush, but just a well–designed chair with good lumbar support. Investing in a $1000 ergonomically correct chair can actually increase your productivity. If you’re more comfortable you won’t fidget and get up so often. Instead, you’ll find it easier to stay at your desk and focus.

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Shop Slowly and In Person

Go to several stores and sit in every chair, and for quite a while, not just a minute or two. Take your time. Play with the adjustments, bounce around in the chair and try rolling across the floor to see how easily (or not) the chair moves with you in it.

It’s important to sit in any chair you’re considering to be sure it supports your back, doesn’t interfere with the movement or the position of your arms and that it distributes and absorbs your weight. And actually sitting in the chair is the only way to be sure the seat is deep enough to support your legs.

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Chair Features Are Important Too

Look for a seat that adjusts forward and backward as well as up and down. A waterfall seat with a rounded front will help prevent restricted circulation. A lumbar support adds comfort while arms are a personal preference and not critical. Large casters insure mobility and are best on wood, vinyl or very low pile carpet. A five- arm or star- shaped base provides stability when you (or your seven- year-old) roll around your office.

While it may seem a simple question of taste, chair fabric choice is more than an aesthetic decision. Fabric choice affects the comfort and durability of the chair. Leather costs the most, but it is the most durable, wipes clean and is cool in summer and warm in winter. Modern microfiber fabrics are attractive, tough and stain resistant. Do avoid vinyl, which can be uncomfortably warm or cold. Finally, make sure if the chair you choose has arms that they fit under your desk.

Best advice: if possible, shop where you can arrange an in-home trial. This is one item you should not buy from a catalogue or online unless you can return it. (Check on the shipping and/or any re-stocking fees first.)

Don’t base your final decision on price alone. Shop where you can sit in the chair and try all the functions Choose a chair that fits your body and leg length. And try to buy where you can return the chair if need be.

Advantages of Leather Upholstery