Bamboo FlooringBamboo shades give your home a character that uniquely reflects your individual style. We added a kitchen down in the workshop area, a commode, and kithchen initially so we would be comfortable on day trips. This was so our shoes wouldn’t keep falling down to the ground when we took them off and some decorative bamboo fascia on the benches. To the right is the add on to the original pump house with the bamboo bench table in front of the animal house.

Laminate, or engineered, flooring is a built up composite to form planks with a specialty tongue and groove assembly also on the sides and ends of each plank. Laminate flooring is much cheaper to purchase and the installation of the flooring is much easier with no finishing of the installed product. A floor installed with engineered hardwood flooring is not amenable to patterns as each planks must be installed just like all the other planks.Bamboo Flooring

Old flooring material must be taken up and the sub floor thoroughly cleaned and repaired or covered with a new layer of subfloor if necessary. Remove the baseboard from around the room; the hardwood flooring will be installed under the baseboard to cover the edges of the new floor. If shoe molding has been used, it is possible to remove only that, but realize that the effect on the baseboard will be that it will appear shorter by the thickness of the new floor if the flooring is not installed under it. Engineered hardwood flooring has a similar problem, especially with the very last piece.

Test fit a piece of flooring to see if it will fit under the jamb; most work will require the new wood flooring to be installed under a jamb somewhere. If it does not fit, the jamb can be trimmed with an ordinary hand saw after removing the baseboard, but be careful to only remove only the section necessary for the flooring. The end is in sight; only the trim, and on regular hardwood flooring the finishing, is left.

The final row or two is always difficult, particularly on regular hardwood flooring as the nailer won’t fit against the wall and face nailing is again necessary. Other areas can have a metal trim or custom wood trim to match the hardwood flooring and that provides a transfer between your hardwood flooring and adjacent carpet or tile. There are places (a kitchen where appliances must fit under cabinetry perhaps) where the increased height is not feasible.

Bamboo Flooring

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