Interior DoorsA unique way to decorate your windows and doors is to use a decorative window film. Sometimes there will be an extra rib inside the frame, taking up space where the electric strike would go. When installing an electromagnetic lock, watch out for aluminum doors that are held together with a threaded rod inside the horizontal top rail, right where the sex nut for the mag lock armature should go. It is best to be observant and go slowly and carefully.

There are wonderful adhesive-free films that cling to a glass surface and are easy to apply or remove. There are some thicker brands that also insulate the glass and reduces the heat loss to save energy. There are many different styles and patterns to choose from including stained glass, etched glass, frosted glass, art deco glass and many others. Apply to windows, glass doors, patio doors, screen glass doors, small windows, large windows etc. Create the look of expensive etched glass in a variety of designs featuring different levels of privacy and to fit different design styles.

Frosted Glass Window adds privacy to any window or door without making the room darker. Note: Replacing a sliding glass door will require at least two people to remove the existing door and install the new door. After deciding to replace your sliding glass door, you will want to determine the material of the replacement doors. Typically, sliding glass doors are constructed of aluminum, wood, vinyl, fiberglass, or foam core.Interior Doors

Before purchasing a replacement door, be sure to measure the existing sliding glass door, doorframe, and threshold. To choose which material is right for your home, consult a sliding glass door retail specialist or manufacturer. Not only will energy-efficient sliding glass doors help with your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint, you can also receive a tax credit.

For a sliding glass door to be considered energy-efficient, it must have a high-performance glaze. Most sliding glass doors are double paned with a low-emissivity (low-e) coating that qualifies as energy efficient. Remove all door treatments (curtains or blinds) from around the existing sliding glass door before replacing the door. Using your razor blade, score drywall and cut the weather stripping around your existing sliding glass doorframe and threshold. Most new sliding glass doors will come with a thin plastic strip (mounting strip) around all edges of the frame. Sliding glass doors have two panels: one that is movable (the sliding door) and one that is stationary.

Interior Doors

Add Privacy And Decorate Windows And Glass Doors With Decorative Window Films
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