Baby Care Techniques You Probably Still Don’t Know It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time mother, someone who already has a couple of kids, or anyone who’s about to get the responsibility of taking care of a baby, the fact remains that you never can call yourself an expert in baby care. It is one tough responsibility that needs commitment, love, and utmost dedication. Now for you to be able to call yourself an expert someday, you must learn how to humble yourself and accept that you need some advice. 1 – When a baby cries, it isn’t always about colic. Although this is what our elders always remind us, it’s not necessarily true. As a matter of fact, even baby experts and doctors in the past thought the same, eventually claiming that uncontrollable crying means colic. But with the help of technology and science, it was eventually discovered that another cause called acid reflux can lead to crying in babies, but the good news is that it is a treatable condition.
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2 – Refrain from using baby wipes as much as you can.
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It’s interesting to know that babies who are a hundred percent breastfed don’t need the protection of baby wipes. And because baby wipes are very expensive considering how many you use every day, this certainly is welcoming news. 3 – Contrary to popular belief, holding a baby is actually good and does not harm your baby in any way. Be reminded that there’s nothing wrong in holding a baby for as long as you want and it never is true that it will spoil or hurt them. The misconception is dumbfounded and is merely a product of earlier beliefs. 4 – You need to be wary of long-sleep leakage in babies. If you happen to take care of a baby who loves sleeping in long and hard hours, then it means you should be putting additional effort in reinforcing the diapers with maxi pads. Maxi pads are a great solution for soaked sheets and pants. But if you aren’t comfortable in letting your baby wear them, you simply can look for highly absorbent diapers that are designed for nighttime. The key is giving the baby additional protection against his or her own pee. 5 – Sterilizing can be made simpler than you think. Lastly, you know for a fact that sterilizing is one of the most burdensome duties linked to baby care. But then again, it is something that you cannot skip. So if you just can’t stand using the home sterilizer all the time, you can instead use your home dishwasher by tossing all the baby stuff in there, refrain from using soap, and then use a short and hot cycle. You see, baby care is simple if you know some techniques to be successful at it.

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