Finding the Best Review Website

Most internet sites keep explaining to potential businesses on the need to have online reviews for their work. There are several review websites that include B2B companies, B2C companies and those that display individual values.

The list is led by Amazon customer reviews. Having names along the reviews helps in avoiding unnecessary reviews. The sequence is two-way as companies also have a space to express their thoughts about the reviews that touch on their products and services. The site was one of the earliest online storage that permitted users to post reviews regarding products on display.

In 1995, the company started allowing users to review products and services available on its site. A review of the site shows that most consumers search for information tat helps them to make decisions on what to buy. Consumers are used to reviewing products on Amazon even they bought it elsewhere provided it is sold on Amazon.

Amazon stocks all the products except gasoline and pharmaceutical products. The reviews help other interested buyers in making right decisions after making comparison of the reviews available on Amazon.

Customers only use reviews by fellow buyers and gold stars to make decisions. Amazon consumers can only rate products using a five-star grading scale. Analysis and evaluation follows suit where the ratings are converted into percentages. Based on stars given to the products, the website arranges the reviews as most helpful reviews and most recent reviews.

Immediately after the Amazon customer review we have the Angie’s list. The service industry in the US is served by this website well. The services are available to those who pay for it only. Users are charged a specified fee to access the site. There is a subscription fee for members. However; the services are worth the fee.

Rating is set on an A to F scale. Reviews are well-thought out. The site has reviews written in respectable language even if they are negative criticisms. Furthermore, they are not anonymous. Having names along the reviews helps in avoiding unnecessary reviews. Firms whose products are listed also have space to respond to the reviews.

Not far from Angie’s list and Amazon customer reviews is Choice. The sites runs its businesses in Australia. Community members fund these site. It is different from other sites as it conducts independent tests on products and services and gives its reviews. Although other options are available, most of the reviews are as a result of independent reviews by Choice. The website also lists buying guides and develops product comparison. Consumers can also rate the products.

Reviewers can also access Trustpilot. Trustpilot continues to grow since it was established. The community in Denmark funds and drives the site. It has now expanded to 65 other countries outside Europe. Trustpilot is also in the US. The reviews are third-party certified as the customer writes both seller and product reviews.

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