8 Essential plumbing tools

  Are you planning a DIY plumbing project, and you are confused about the set…

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Are you planning a DIY plumbing project, and you are confused about the set of tools you need? Do you even have them at home and you do not know how to use them, this post will show you some essential plumbing tools and their applications.

Basin wrench

A basin wrench is one of the must-have tools for plumbing work. It is being used to tighten and loosen nuts. You can never do away with a situation where you have to unscrew nuts and, at the same time, fasten into any hole. Working with this tool is easier for anyone to loosen any nuts.

A basin wrench has a long shaft and a swivel clamp-like apparatus at the end. Getting a quality wrench is the best way to have the good plumbing experience.

Tubing cutter

Also, a tubbing cutter is another important plumbing tool that you can never do away with. A tubing cutter is being used to cut all kinds of pipes from copper to metals. Also, it can be used for cutting PVC pipe, which is why you need a PVC pipe cutting tools to do the needful.

If you are getting a tubing cutter, you should get a standard tubing cutter and a mini cutter. It is good to have both in your toolbox.

Thread seal tape

If you are getting involved in personal plumbing work, you need a thread tape in your home. Once the tap on my tank at home got slack and got off suddenly with the water gushing out of control. 

What can I do? All effort to stop the water flow was abortive. Then I remember I have a thread tape among those used by the plumber who worked in my home. I added the tape on around the pipe and then inserted the tap. It became firmer, and then the flow of water stopped.


This is also one of the plumbing tools that you can’t do away with. Pipes come in different lengths, and you need the exact length to fit into whatever you intend doing at times. It is why you need a hacksaw. The hacksaw is very needed to cut downpipes into the perfect height you want.

All that is needed is just to have a mark wound the pipe while you place the hacksaw at the exact place you want to cut. Move the blade of the hacksaw to and fro on the marked area as the blade penetrates to cut the pipe. 


If you are getting into plumbing work yourself, you might have to get a glue. Without a glue in your toolbox, you are likely to encounter difficulties in doing some plumbing work. Sometimes you need to get pipes together, and to do that, you need glue.

You just have to place the glue around the pipe and insert it into the other one. Also, some might require that you use a burner so that the pipe can get hardened for its main use.

Water pump plier

Another tool you can consider is known as the water pump plier. It is also known as slip joint pliers, and it is very great for dealing with grip jobs in tight areas. They are mostly adjustable, which makes it the perfect choice for most plumbing situations. 

Mole grip

Have you ever struggled to hold anything together, such as nuts and screws, while you have the platform to do other things? Then you might need to get a mole grip. The locking system on a mole will surely give you a great grip on things while you keep your hands free for some other things. 

Spirit level

Another tool you need to have is a spirit level. It is a tool you can use to check the angle of a surface. It helps you to check if whatever you have done aligns and is straight. It plays a major role in eliminating errors with laying of pipe and some other things.


If you have got plumbing work to do, you need some essential tools, and the list above shows some that you need to work out any plumbing DIY work you have at hand.