In this age of modern technology, there are so many advanced technologies that can help people to facilitate their activities, including one of which is shopping. In these days, do not bother anymore go to the store to buy an item, just with the internet already can shop. This activity is better known as online shopping or online shopping. Online shopping, of course, is helping many people to make it easier to get the goods they want.

But unfortunately, along with the development of this online shopping, crime mode also developed, as we already know is online shopping fraud. Fraud through online shopping is also very rampant in the era of modernization. For that, so many more are fooled like me, I want to give tips so you do not be fooled while shopping online or online shopping:

1. Trusted Website
Before you start shopping online, you have to find out first where the trusted sale website (minimal scam). You can searching on the internet about buying and selling websites that already trusted and search for information also about people who have been shopping on the website.

2. Avoid Price Too Italic
Do not be too tempted by the price is too skewed or cheap, because the price is too cheap it is suspect. Because the price is definitely in accordance with the quality, and not a seller may sell goods too cheap, because obviously it will harm them, unless the seller is a fraud. Unless the item is discounted, to get a discount for purchasing goods online, you can get it through

3. Know the Product
If you want to buy a product, you should first browse about the product you want to buy, so you know more about the product and what is included by the product if you buy it (completeness). In addition, so you can match the products sold accordingly or not (price, product photo, completeness) with ads provided by the seller.

4. COD (Cash On Demand)
Abbreviations are often used online shoppers when a buyer wants to meet with the seller. So this COD is a direct transaction activity somewhere between buyer and seller. This way is the safest way to not cheat when shopping online. If a seller can not or do not want to be invited COD, then you should be suspicious if the seller is a fraud.

5. Know the Seller
Here there needs to be a little knowing skill (knowing every particle things). Before buying a product, it’s good if we find out the origin of the seller. How the goods selling, the website, testimonials, reputation etc. Especially if the seller is still a newbie or who has no reputation / testimonials, you should be more careful, because the information must be very difficult to find.

6. Save Payment Proof, Email and SMS
Instead, after you make money transfer, save the proof of payment along with email and SMS between you and the seller. So, if something happens that is not desirable (deceived), then you can provide the evidence to the police (police) to deal with the problem.

7 Tips for Shopping Online