Living Room DesignRANGOLI designs are a traditional folk art of India,colorful, vibrant, creative, full of life, they represent the true spirit of India. Enclosed porches and patios are especially nice places for this, or a darker space light a basement recreation room. If you have a room with tons of windows, stringing globe lights along the edges of the windows can make it a really inviting place during the evening. This kit comes with 25 globe lights attached to a string that is 21 feet long, so you have plenty of room for your design with almost a foot between each bulb.

Shabby chic is the opposite of Gothic d├ęcor , therefore a shabby chic living room should not contain any characteristics of a dungeon! If your room looks quite gloomy and cramped, you might want to get rid of your heavy curtains or put the bulky furniture in another room. If your living room has a very limited square-footage, choose furniture that can do double duty. We are currently renovating a late 18th century home, so anything to do with interior design – I love to read it.Living Room Design

Bear in mind that the second largest surface in a room is the floor, there are a couple ways to use it to modulate colors. With that understanding, you can use light as a tool – either powered by the sun or the latest in lighting technology – to alter the perception of color and shape your environment accordingly! Step #1: Before you can start off with arranging the furniture, measure the room.

The Chinese believed that by applying Feng Shui, you can tweak and change bad designs and elements in your house to achieve harmony. To help you with this dilemma, I have summarized below several general Feng Shui tips and suggestions, when designing or remodeling your house. If it adjoins another room that room should have slow-moving chi such as a bedroom-sitting room or dressing room. Dining room is the place where family members, relatives and friends eat, meet and enjoy each other’s company. It is a room with strong family relationships and it must represent good harmony. Living room should be of sufficient size with enough spaces in between furniture for chi to flow.

A living room is for family and friends to get together and is usually the first room for guests when they are welcomed into your house. If you are looking for an outline and basic guideline, then the above Feng Shui tips should give you a good start. If you are one of those hopelessly lost cases whose living room decorating ideas consists of shoving their furniture against the walls or placing a too large sofa in a too small room, then here are a few easy to do steps, for great living room furniture arrangement.

Living Room Design

50 Minimalist Living Room Ideas For A Stunning Modern Home
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