Finding a New Home Builder

Everybody has a dream home of their own. Home, after all, stands for security. We can never be truly at peace until we have a place we can call home. And of course, it’s not just always a physical building.

If you’re looking for a builder of new homes, you need to consider a few things.

Seeking Referrals

Ask for referrals from everybody you know — relatives, friends, coworkers, etc. Find out about their experiences, and see if they will actually let you check the builder’s work in person. Was the project completed within budget and within deadline?

Approaching Local Builders’ Associations

Get in touch with professional associations – fore example, the local builders’ association or the Chamber of Commerce. Talk to those who are actually monitoring the building industry, and who are most qualified to give you names of reliable builders. Building supply stores and local lumberyards may also offer advice, including which builders are having issues when it comes to materials and payments. Get in touch with the Better Business Bureau, where you can discover whether or not complaints were field against a builder you’re considering.

Talking to Homeowners Themselves

Visit new developments or neighborhoods and talk to the people who may be watering their garden or cleaning their cars. You want to know how happy they are with their new homes, and if they are recommending their builder to you. New homeowners are usually eager to talk to others regarding their new home.

Checking Builders’ Supervision

Check the level of onsite supervision that the builder is providing. Reliable builders guarantee that their homes will be of high quality, so the people who are actually constructing the houses must be well-trained. Regardless of whether a builder spends the whole day onsite or not, he will always know how to manage his people. Ultimately, he must be held accountable for whatever problems come up; and most importantly, he should be always available to address clients’ concerns.

Researching Professional Affiliations

As soon as you have a list of builders, see if they are a member of a professional organization. Affiliation or membership indicates that the builder is highly committed to the highest industry standards.

Interviewing Prospects

Make a list of two or three main prospects and call them to arrange an interview with each. At your meeting, ask them to show you a sample contract. Ask them how long they’ve been in operation, and request for client references too. Call these people and politely ask if they could let you see their home personally.

Requesting for a Written Quote

When you compare bids, make sure it will be apples-to-apples. You may be charged for the estimate, but the cost will probably be waived if you actually commission the builder for the project. Lastly, don’t pick a builder solely because they bid the lowest. You’re paying for a home. Quality should be the number one consideration.
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