Having a fun and easy moving experience is very rare. There are so many things to take care of and even more things that could go wrong unless you have fully and properly prepared. One of those tasks is to make sure your new home is ready for you. So how can you achieve this?

Get a head start on making your new place feel more homey by starting a few projects before you move in. It’ll feel great to get some work done on your house before you move all your stuff in. And after you’ve completed the move, the last thing you need is another big project.


Also, keep in mind that it’s much easier to do work on your new home when it’s empty than if it were full of all your belongings. If you have access to your new place before the moving day and you want to make a few changes, then that is the opportune moment to do so!


Here are a few projects you can start before the hustle and bustle of moving day.


Paint the walls

Perhaps you’re moving into a house with walls that have faded a bit? Or maybe you just hate the shade they used? If so, you probably want to do some painting around your new home. It is much easier to do so if your house is empty. There’s no need to shuffle furniture around, take down window treatments, or remove hanging pictures or mirrors.


For painting a few rooms, the job can be easily done on a weekend. Just make sure to have proper ventilation and allow enough time for the paint to dry. Although painting an empty house is easier to do, it can make choosing the right colour difficult. You’ll need a strong vision of what you’d like the room to look like.


Although neutral colours like white or light beige are usually safe options, you could be looking for a bit of colour. Think carefully about the colour scheme for each room and your furniture. The mood of the room and the amount of natural light are also important factors in your colour choice.


Get new locks

You never know how many people have keys for your new home. The previous homeowners, neighbours, workmen, or cleaning services may have spare keys lying around. To get rid of this uncertainty and improve security, get new locks for your doors. You can get this done quickly and easily before you move in.


Revamp the floor

Similar to painting walls, it is so much easier to redo your floors when rooms are empty. Again, you won’t have to remove furniture room by room. This makes it much easier to repair, refurbish, or replace your floor.


This takes quite a bit of time, especially if you plan on doing it on your own. It’s worth considering hiring professionals to do the job for you if time is scarce. And like all home improvement projects, do as much research as possible and be diligent. A poorly completed project will cause headaches further on. This is something you want to avoid after you’ve moved all your items in.


Install cabinets or closets

Your home might have bare closets that only have a solitary pole and shelf. How will you effectively store your clothing? This is why you probably want to fit in closet organisers. The same goes for cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom as well.


Take the time before you move in to install cabinets or closet organisers. Organisers are especially difficult to install since they require quite a bit of space. As such, it’s better to have an empty room to do your work.


Aside from closets and cabinets, think about other spots where you’d like to store your items—anything from winter coats to cleaning supplies. An extra shelf or hook here and there will significantly increase storage space. It’ll make your home much easier to live in.


Do a deep clean

Although it is usual practice to leave a home clean for the new owners, some people won’t necessarily do a good job. And even if the old homeowners do clean everything, you might not be satisfied. Because of this, it’s a good idea to give your new place a deep clean.


Whether you want to spend a weekend scrubbing and wiping the whole house yourself or hire professional cleaning services, set a day before you move in to get the job done. Depending on the size and state of your home, it can take anything from a Saturday afternoon or a few days.


Bring plenty of rubber gloves and divide the cleaning supplies by room. For a truly thorough cleaning, you’ll need brooms, mops, a vacuum cleaner, disinfectant, polish, stain removers, and various other cleaners. When it comes to your new home, you want it to be as good as new when you first step in. That’s why a deep clean will do a world of good!


Making changes to your new home is much easier without all your items in the way and the constant flow of movers entering and exiting. If you have some spare time before your big moving day and you’re itching to get some house work done, then try going through the projects mentioned above.


5 Pre-Move-In Projects That You Can Take On