The look of a new carpet just can’t be beat, but that charm won’t last long if you don’t maintain it. You’ll quickly lose the life it gives to the room. It’s hard to prevent a carpet from wearing out after a few years, but it is possible to prolong that new look, feel, and smell. To maintain carpet flooring, it takes a few good habits and some tender care. These five ways to keep your carpet looking clean and new will add value to your investment and possibly years to its usable life.

1. Use a Vacuum Cleaner Regularly

Vacuum your carpet at least once a week so dirt doesn’t settle in. Dark spots can quickly add up in high-traffic zones, and the material will get frayed if not cleaned often. Also, rake the carpet before vacuuming. This will loosen any dirt, hair, particles, and other debris that have gone deep into the fibrous material since the last cleaning.

2. Take Your Shoes Off

There’s a science behind taking your shoes off in the house. Walking indoors with sneakers and other shoes provides an easy way for dirt to get into your carpet. You can prevent most outside dirt from coming in contact with it by taking off your shoes as soon as you enter. Socks and slippers are best for keeping things clean. Even bare feet can get a carpet dirty because of oils and bacteria; these can quickly lead to dark spots on the rug.

3. Be Careful Removing Stains and Spots

The products and methods you use to clean the carpet can affect its quality. You don’t want to scrub at any stains because it will fray the fibers; instead, blot up the stain so you can clean it and not cause damage. Also, you want to avoid cheap petroleum-based cleaners. It is better to use water and white vinegar in a 50/50 mixture to clean up random spots and stains.

4. Steam Clean Sparingly

Steam cleaning is a great way to get a deep clean and freshen up your carpet. It shouldn’t be done more than twice a year. Otherwise, too much steaming will fray the fibers and add enough moisture to cause mold to grow. The carpet can also attract more dirt and grime, wrinkle, and become dirtier if you do this too much.

5. Keep Your Pets Under Control

When dogs and cats do their business on the carpet, this puts it on the fast track to being discolored and smelly. The acid and ammonia in urine can quickly discolor a carpet, plus leave a smell that’s not easy to remove. To prevent this, dogs should be let outside every few hours, and cats should be trained to use litter boxes.

These tips should help keep your carpet looking fresh and new for longer. You can also work with to take advantage of safe, effective cleaning services. The more you prevent contamination and clean the carpet properly, the longer it will stay fresh.

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Carpet Looking Clean and New