Living Room DesignLiving room is often called the heart of a home because this place is used as a gathering place both the just gathered while watching TV, storytelling experience after a long day outdoors, or just relax to relieve fatigue. White stands for purity and innocence but a room with too much white can give a sterile feeling and doesn’t stimulate socializing. This is how the room looks during daylight and as you can see the room isn’t so dark or gloomy that you might think it will be even though the black colour is dominating. To add another colour, for example dramatic red, in just one place in the room can make a big difference in turning the room more alive. I often use books in interior design and I constantly find more ways to use them besides the ordinary way standing in a bookshelf.

But it is in the evening the dramatic look appears and the room transforms into a dark and trendy room: If you want a warmer feeling, just add plenty candle lights and lamps with a yellow light and the room transform into a great room for parties. Black is a fantastic ground colour that can be used in other ways too; if you just add one light and bright colour scale to the black and white colours you will get a completely different room.

By arranging colours in a room so that the chosen color can be seen in every directions in the room makes it dominate even if the dominant colours such as in this case in fact is white and black. Even if it is just surface it helps my mood in daily life and I like to surround myself with beautiful things:) I am thrilled if I have been able to give tips to you since I know you have an eye for beautiful things in this world!

The use of black in interior design is common here so I guess we are pretty use to it. Nowadays there are even black Advents stars and Christmas trees decorated in black together with silver or gold! I love to look at the décor in other people´s houses, there is always some great tips to use and a great way to get inspiration. How interesting to know that interior design may look very much alike in our different parts of the world, open-plan house is very trendy here too. Hi Vocalcoach, a black grand piano is very beautiful and can really make a difference to a whole room.Living Room Design

Decorating is so much fun and after re-decorating a room I can feel happy inside for a very long time when I look at the result. Tina, Thanks for this hub…I have a room to do over and I already have some black items that I was going to use in there and I was wondering if they would be too much…but I can see that the result may be just what that room needs to look fresh! I think that incorporating black into a room achieves dramatic, stunning effects.

Living Room Design

5 Design Tips For Every Living Room
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