The journey to creating a beautiful home is highly personal. You need to understand your own likes and dislikes and the look you are aiming to create. Many people find their ideal homes are characterised by a love of vintage accessories and inviting, appealing vintage design elements. When you are decorating a room that has a lot of vintage style, here are some tips for effectively using accessories.

  1. Collect Items That Are Useful As Well As Decorative

It is a good idea to fill your home with items that serve a purpose as well as look great. Items that have plenty of uses around the home include ashtrays, serving bowls, vases, and boxes. If you spot vintage items like these and you really love their look you can use them, or you can display them when not in use. This is a great idea for smaller homes where you do not have a lot of spare space.

  1. Look at Frames, Not Art

Of course, the artwork is important. But the frame really makes a difference when you are decorating in a vintage style. Good frames that you love are art itself. The picture within does not always stand out more than the frame.

  1. Choose a Muted Backdrop

Vintage homeware stands out more effectively on a colour that is not plain white or grey, but is not an overwhelming shade like bright blue or pink. You can create a wonderful palette when you use a muted colour like cream with a hint of pink, or white with a tiny amount of green to soften the shade. These offset the colours and textures of vintage accessories.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Using Expensive Items Everyday

Vintage style is all about making use of older, cheaper items but it is also about making everyday occasions special with special accessories. For example, antique mugs for your morning coffee, or a set of vintage china for midweek dinners. If you love an item that is maybe old or rather expensive, it is often better to use it than to simply save it for display.

The trick to decorating with vintage accessories is to keep a sense of fun and style, and to look for the pieces that you really love instead of collecting for the sake of it. Your overall look to the room will then be personal and comfortable, and will invite people to spend time in the space.

4 Rules for Decorating with Vintage Accessories