3 Tips for Buying the Right Window Treatments Curtains and window treatments are the best way to keep your space private and to protect your interior from harsh uncomfortable sun. While some might think that choosing the right window treatments is simple and easy, there are actually several things you need to think of to make sure you’ve got the right choice. From sizes, to material, to thickness, you should be sure to think of all these factors if you want to make the most of your money’s worth. Read through these three tips on how to choose the best window treatments to help you buy the right ones. 1. Room Needs and Considerations – What kind of space do you want to add window treatments to? For a space like a patio, getting window treatments that maximize the light and breeze is always the best choice. But for bathrooms and bedrooms, a window treatment that compromises your privacy could be problematic. Make the right choice by considering the specific needs of the space that you plan to put them in. 2. Light Considerations – Is it really a smart idea to put curtains or window treatments that limit the light that enter your space, especially if it’s a living room? Drapes that blot out the natural light that enters your interior could take a toll on the aesthetic of your space. By leveraging natural light, you can bring an airy, spacious, and open feel to your home. Before you buy those curtains, be sure to think about how much light they’re going to let in. If you really want to buy those drapes, consider buying a sheer set of curtains along with them so you can pull the drapes off to the side to reveal the lighter inner curtain.
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3. Consider the Aesthetic of the Curtains – The last thing you want is to ruin your entire aesthetic by choosing drapes that compromise your interior design. Design is one of the biggest considerations buyers make when choosing window treatments. As a general rule, floor length curtains can make your ceiling look higher, while mid length curtains tend to cut a room to make it look much shorter than it actually is. A clean organized look can be achieved with curtains that use a single solid color, compared to big, bold, and colorful patterns which can make a space look cluttered. That doesn’t mean however that you can use patterned curtains – choosing the right colors and patterns will be the best way to add life to an otherwise dull and lifeless room. Simply see to it that the patterns aren’t harsh or too outrageous, and that the colors used are similar to those found in your space.The Art of Mastering Windows

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