Basement IdeasOur photo gallery of past finished basement projects includes a variety of finished basement ideas, demonstrating our creativity and exceptional craftsmanship. Do not waste any inch of space, not even that behind the stairs leading down to the basement. Now every family member can keep their items safely stored in these colorful lockers, which take up little space and can create a lively atmosphere in your basement. Always have one guest bedroom available in your small house by turning the basement from an indifferent storage space into a warm and inviting living space. If the floor is already taken up, you can take advantage of the ceiling and install these simple but useful racks. Most units I’ve used are large, requiring a huge pit dug in the basement floor.Basement Ideas

If you work from home, the basement is the ideal place to perform your daily tasks in peace and quiet, keep your books, records and client files and take part in video conferences without any disturbance from the rest of the family. Naturally dark and quiet, the basement is the perfect home equivalent of a cinema hall. We hope that this article was useful to you and you found our basement storage ideas interesting and easy to implement in your house in order to make your home life more relaxed and comfortable.

Turning a basement into a game room can consist of a pool table or vintage video games. Each of these ideas will add value to your home, whether you are thinking about staying or moving. And the order gets taller when it comes to basement bathrooms where what you eject down into the toilet then needs to move where it doesn’t want to go—up. Since Theresa and I mostly improve old homes, our basement bathroom design ideas also have to make the best use of space known to humanity.

In this basement bathroom, we max out the space—and the budget—for ejecting our poop and pee with a unit I’m falling in love with, that hits a balance point between the high-end grinders and low-end suckers in a small, powerful, affordable package: SaniFlo Sanicubic1. This beautiful little box has a commercial rating and performance without the commercial price tag, striking the balance we need to create with what everyone wants out of basement bathroom design ideas—a space that looks beautiful and works without a second thought.

The Basement Organization Challenge is part of the 52 Weeks To An Organized Home Challenge (Click the link to learn how to join us for free for future and past challenges if you aren’t already a regular reader). Depending on the size and state of your basement this may sound relatively easy, or a monumental undertaking. If possible, to make the decluttering process easier, create a temporary staging area where you can move large boxes, bins, to create room for you to sort and purge easily in the basement itself.

Basement Ideas

24 Stunning Ideas For Designing A Contemporary Basement
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