Glass DoorDespite oil and gas companies slashing jobs and freezing pay right now, some industries are thriving. The stairs are present but the door is a replacement, the original red plastic one has been lost over the years. The floor has been papered in the bedroom so the repair is not seen and the ceiling of the living room has been painted and hides the repair quite well. The pillars by the front door would originally have been white with the flower pattern, but there was so little of the original paint left I decided to strip it back and repaint it in green to match the window sills. This proved very popular and was quite distinctive with the yellow shutters and front door. It has a front and back door, 2 sets of sliding patio doors, a balcony and a working garage door and ramp.

There are a couple of marks on the floor and it is missing its front door handle, but all windows are present and the lighting works ! On the ground floor the kitchen is by Barton, but I’ve picked out the smaller sink, fridge and cooker to use here. The door shows the signature of R Bliss, however I haven’t been able to identify this style of dolls house with other Bliss houses, so it is likely that just the door, front windows and roof have survived from an early Bliss house and have been used in the construction of this small cottage.

Really enjoyed looking at your houses and have picked up some good ideas particularly the idea of putting a room in the door. Have enjoyed looking at your houses and especially the Amersham one as I have a slightly bigger one but with the same windows plus a name over the door (The Gables) so I imagine that mine is also 1950s. A simple under door air blocker or draft excluder is all you need to keep those colder winter breezes at bay. The way these attach means they slide open and closed with the door so you do not need to keep repositioning them.

These are great but need to be repositioned every time you open the door to go through it and if you have back issues them bending down every time to do this might not be appealing. A similar and more permanent solution for internal door is something like the twin draft guard which slides under the door to provide what is essentially two door draft snakes to block cold air from entering under a door. A more permanent solution is to grab some tools and installed a draft stopper to stop under door breezes permanently.Glass Door

These draft and air blockers for underneath doors are basically a row of densely packed bristles which extend the length of the door and are screwed or nailed onto the base of the door itself. If you are looking for a more permanent solution to block door drafts then you might want to look into buying a door sweep to stop cold air entering under a doorway. If you are not comfortable using tools or don’t want to screw anything into your door then there are self adhesive door sweeps which basically glue onto the door itself. Door sweeps are may be made from plastic or aluminum and may be either a bristle brush or a solid strip of vinyl.

Glass Door

2015 Glassdoor Review
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